With an art degree, you can finally leave the rat race behind, as you make money doing what you love most… illustrating!  To get started with this dream, consider attending Seattle illustration schools, as they offer the best art education in the country.

Seattle illustration schools offer the perfect education for those interested in making money with their artistic abilities.  However, what makes them any different from the hundreds of other illustration schools across the country?  Ultimately, there are three main reasons why Seattle illustration schools are a cut above the rest.  These reasons include: the types of programs they offer, Seattle’s overall lifestyle and finally, the number of illustration jobs available after graduation.

The first reason why people should consider Seattle illustration schools is because of the types of programs they offer.  With these institutions you could earn an Associates, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in illustration, though your actual courses will depend on your major.  For example, if you went to the International Academy of Design & Technology, you could get a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Applied Arts.  This covers a wider spectrum, as you learn about artistic techniques as well as their history and application. 

If you went to another school and/or decided on another major, the focus would be more concentrated.  Consider Westwood College, where you could get a degree in video game design.  With this major, you’re still learning illustration techniques, but they would all relate to video game creation. 

Of course, regardless of the major you choose, if you decide to attend Seattle illustration schools in person, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Seattle lifestyle long before you decide to settle there officially.  On the weekdays afterschool, you could relax to some jazz, (as Seattle is well-known for its music scene).  After that, you could visit the dozens of shops and restaurants the city has available.

On the weekend, there is even more to do.  If you’re in the mood for culture you could attend a Native American powwow or one of the city’s many film festivals.  Or, you could attend a ballgame.  If it’s winter time, you can even add snowboarding to the list of activities.  And if you still need something to do, you could visit the city’s museums, zoos, parks and other areas of interest.  Indeed, no one gets bored living in Seattle, a benefit not always available with schools in other locations.

In addition, if you decide to settle in the area after graduating a Seattle illustration school, you won’t have any problems finding employment.  This is because there are thousands of jobs available in the Seattle area.  Some of these jobs may lead graduates to become art directors, where they earn $80K or more every year.  Other jobs may lead to fame, as their name gets associated with cartoons, commercials, movies and video games.  There are also the jobs that might lead one to a college campus, where they would teach art.  Really, there is no limit to what a person can do with illustration knowledge.  As long as a company needs to advertise their wares, or produce an animation, there will be a need for an illustrator’s talents.

In conclusion, if you want quality art education in one of America’s most exciting cities, consider attending Seattle illustration schools.  Through these institutions you’ll be able to acquire a good education while being able to have fun in between your studies.   Most importantly, when you graduate you can be guaranteed that there will be a company out there ready to hire you.


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