Studying in Seattle offers a dynamic approach to the world of graphic design. Seattle is renowned internationally for advancing the field of computer technology, providing flight through the Boeing 747 and rebirthing the café culture. A cosmopolitan feel mixed with a laid back country scene, offers a refuge for a multitude of people from around the globe and provides endless opportunities for artistic inspiration. The world of graphic design presents itself within our lives on a daily basis. Emails, advertising, consumer packaging, logos the list is endless, are all finished products incorporating the work of a graphic designer. Their work involves strategically using high impact methods through the amalgamation of art and technology to portray a message or increase a products visibility. There are a vast array of niches for a graphic designer to specialize within, most designers are smart and acquire the basic principles of each area providing them with a solid foundation upon which they may build their career. Seattle has produced finely tuned schools within the area of graphic design.

Schools offer varying programs from Associate to Bachelor degrees through a multitude of mediums including on-campus and on-line. For graphic designers looking to get ahead in the business it is advisable to undertake one of their Bachelor degree programs. Each school adopts a ‘hands on” approach to learning; this is imperative within the world of graphic design as it allows students to perfect their newly acquired skills under the watchful eyes of accomplished trainers. Classrooms are spacious, modern and fully equipped with up-to-data technology facilitating a cutting edge learning experience. Schools also incorporate areas of communication, management and business within their course structures resulting in a well rounded, industry ready designers. Seattle is the largest city within the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. Companies such as Microsoft, T-mobile, Philips, Boston Pharmaceuticals, and Real Networks along with smaller companies all provide excellent opportunities for entry level positions within their design teams. Many designers find they work at junior level for about 2-3 years before progressing on to more advanced roles. Within a space of 5-6 years designers often find they have attained senior positions working within areas such as management or even entering the world of freelance and consultancy. The ethnic diversity contained within Seattle provides an abundance of activities for leisure time.

Museums, cultural centers, art galleries and theaters all offer artistic refuge from stressful study periods. Festivals and international parties are held throughout the year to honor and acknowledge the cultures and values immigrants have brought to the area. The port area of the town offers a nice location to relax with a Stoll or picnic on a warm evening. Seattle homes great clubs and bars for fun filled student nights or for a more chilled out atmosphere check out one of their internationally famous coffee houses.

If you are prepared to put in the hard work and dedication required to become a successful graphic designer, check out a graphic design school in Seattle and allow them to make your dream a reality.


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