Seattle, the finest city for students of fine art.  There are many wonderful fine art schools to study at, not forgetting the wealth of opportunities for graduates.

Having just arrived at your Seattle Fine Art School most students will be wondering how to start getting to know their new home.  Pioneer Square would be a good place, as a fine art student it would hold a lot of interest. 

Pioneer Square is the area where Seattle, Washington originated way back in 1852.  Back then most of the buildings were constructed of wood, but most burnt down in the Great Seattle Fire in 1889.  Within a year or 2 there were many brick and stone buildings appearing to take their place.  Today, you are still able to see the architectural tone of the area which dates back to the late 19th century and many fine art students still appreciate the beauty of these buildings which were built in the architectural period known as the Richardsonian Romanesque period.

Pioneer Square has long been hailed as the cultural centre of Seattle with over 20 city blocks of beautiful Romanesque buildings with more than 30 fine art galleries gracing the streets, not to mention the many independent shops and the thriving local nightlife.

Today Seattle has a population of over 563 000 and is spread over 83 square miles.  The city usually has a moderate climate – not too cold in winter, and not too hot in summer – just perfect!  Of course, this moderate weather pattern encourages many outdoor activities and attractions including many parks and gardens which offer inspiration to many Seattle fine art school students.  The city is host to many different ethnic groups which breeds a wide range of performing and visual arts, and is an extremely artistic backdrop which is backed and encouraged by the City and the many fine art schools.

For the art student, Seattle is a wonderful place to study, being home to many wonderful fine art schools.  There are a number of prestigious schools and universities to choose from including Cornish College of the Arts, The Art Institute of Seattle, and universities such as Seattle Pacific University’s Department of Visual Arts, Seattle University Fine Arts Department, and the University of Washington School of Art, to mention just a few.  Studying at any of these schools or universities can and will prepare the student for a future career in visual arts.

To complement the wide selection of schools and universities across the city, there are many art centers and studios as well as many schools with arts education programs, including the Seattle Academy of Fine Art, School of Visual Concepts, and the Pratt Fine Arts Center, and many more.   The programs offered by these centers cover a wide selection of arts classes including design, sculpture and painting.

For those students interested in photography, glass work or drawing, there are a couple of specialized schools catering specifically to them and the Seattle Centre Academy is specially targeted towards teens interested in visual arts.

With the qualifications that a student at any these Seattle fine art schools will graduate with, there is a world of opportunity awaiting them.  They will find themselves suitably qualified with degrees in Interior Design, Advertising, Architecture and Graphic Design.  Many focus on sculpting or computer animation, textile design or photography and many, many more specialties.  They can also specialize in the technical arts including fashion and architecture.

Seattle offers a perfect palette for a fine art student.  It is a ‘young’ city with a down to earth attitude which is continually growing and adapting to the worlds needs. 


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