Do you have an eye for color and design? Do friends look to you for fashion advice? Have you ever thought about a career in fashion design but you don’t know where to get started? Check out Seattle Fashion Design Schools for your fashion education.

Seattle Fashion Design Schools are the place to be for anyone hoping to break into the world of fashion. Seattle was brought to the fashion world’s attention when it began the grunge culture many years ago. That culture is still very evident as you look around Seattle today. From the average person walking down the street to the fashion houses spinning out cutting edge fashion, grunge still plays a major role in the design world.

One has only to look at what young Hollywood is wearing to see that Seattle Fashion Design Schools have stayed on the top of the fashion pile ever since. Offering dozens of top rate schools to choose from, you have only to pick your specialty and get moving. Seattle gives you several leading schools of fashion and design right at your fingertips.

To begin, you will study subjects such as the history of fashion, pattern design, illustration and layout. You will also study business, media, and sewing techniques and find excellent placement opportunities. Seattle Fashion Desing Schools give you a wide base to start your fashion career and provide you with the tools to take it where you want to go.

Many leaders in the fashion industry didn’t start their careers in the areas they are successful in today. The fashion industry does not limit you to one specialty. It is diverse and always expanding and changing, allowing you to test the waters and find what you are truly good at. With Seattle’s fashion design schools behind you, you will have an excellent place to grow from.
You may wonder what exactly are some of these other areas? The fashion industry is about designing clothes isn’t it? That’s a good question. You are not limited to designing clothes when you study fashion design.

Seattle Fashion Design Schools provide many areas for the beginning fashionista to spread his or her wings. You may design clothes or shoes, or you could look into fashion writing for one of their many fashion magazines. Many models get their start in fashion design earning their success by first understanding the industry.

There are also careers in window designing, costume, and room design. You could be a personal stylist, a fashion merchandiser, or a buyer.There is virtually no limit to what you can do when you are finished with your education. Seattle Fashion Design Schools offer creative and brilliant designers to learn your craft from. The people of Seattle also make an eager and excited audience to showcase your work to.

If someone were looking for a place to successfully launch their fashion career, Seattle’s Fashion Design Schools should be their first choice. The opportunities are endless in Seattle, giving you hundreds of boutiques to show your work in and a diverse city to inspire you.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a school and get started! Just remember to be creative and versatile and you can’t go wrong.

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