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  • Financial Aid and Military Education Benefits available to those who qualify

“One of the best-equipped private learning centers in the country.” –The Hollywood Reporter

“Directors may rise and fall. Actors may wither and die. But great film schools last forever.” –Oliver Stone, at the Los Angeles Film School Inaugural Ceremony, 1999

Located in the heart of Hollywood, California, The Los Angeles Film School main building was previously a recording studio used by the likes of Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones and John Williams. Since the school’s opening, such stars as Wes Craven, Martin Landau, Spike Jonze, Nick Nolte, Faye Dunaway and Billy Bob Thornton have visited.

At The Los Angeles Film School you can learn industry-current Film, Animation, Audio, Entertainment Business and Video Game techniques from industry professionals whose credentials include GRAMMY awards, Oscar nominations and working on films such as The Kids Are Alright, The Fighter, The Lion King and Ice Age, as well as games like Medal of Honor and Age of Empires. You can also enjoy working with the latest technology, including a fully-digital High Definition Dolby Surround, THX-Certified Theatre. The Los Angeles Film School’s campus is comprised of four buildings full-equipped with cutting-edge labs, soundstages, studios, sets and more.

Our Student Success Representatives in the Admissions Department will guide you through the enrollment process at The Los Angeles Film School. They’re your line of contact and are available to answer any questions that you may have, assist you with the application process, or put you in touch with a Financial Aid Advisor to find the perfect financial aid package.

Our Military Services Department is committed to helping qualifying students obtain their Military Education Benefits and includes a dedicated Military Transition Team available to help Veteran students with their transition back to civilian life. If you are a veteran, reservist or dependent, you may be eligible for educational benefits through a variety of programs to assist with earning your degree.

The Los Angeles Film School also supports you by providing life-long career help with the services of our Career Development Department. This is your first step on the path towards your dream career.

    Make Hollywood YOUR Campus!

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6363 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA, 90028 USA

Classes are available in 6 areas:

Associate of Science in Computer Animation

You’ve seen the movies, you’ve played the games, and now you’re ready to start creating the 3D animated characters, models, and worlds that you’ve been dreaming about.

Animation courses include:

  • Model Creation
  • Visual Effects
  • Character Animation
  • Art Creation for Games
  • Character Design and Creation
  • Animation Preproduction

Associate of Science in Film

Our curriculum consists of an immersive program that takes students through the art of screenwriting, producing, directing, cinematography, editing, production design, sound design, and much more.
Over 200,000 sq. ft. of labs, studios, classrooms and facilities
345-seat Dolby Surround Sound, THX(TM) certified theater
The Historic Ivar Theater
Hollywood set featuring a 4,000 sq. ft., two-story, Victorian house

Associate of Science in Game Production

Playing games just isn’t enough. You’re ready to take your prowess and start building the next generation of video games.

Game Production courses include:

  • Game Design
  • Game Programming
  • Game Production
  • Audio for Games
  • Asset and Concept Workshops
  • Study the essentials of game theory, global game
  • studies and the business of game-making

Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business

Our Entertainment Business program is designed to prepare students to create a symbiosis between their artistic passion and creativity with marketable business management skills. With courses like Entertainment Marketing, Business Law and Contract Negotiations, students will acquire the skills needed to be successful in the professional realms of the Industry. A wide breadth of business fundamentals offered to develop and enhance essential knowledge.

Students receive training in management, leadership, marketing, accounting, finance, intellectual property, and other aspects of contemporary business. As the program evolves, students explore topics that are specific to the business of entertainment – artist management, distribution, and more – providing insight into the core operations unique to the industry. Educated industry professionals prepare students for careers such as, Tour Management Assistant, Audio Visual Music Analyst, Special Events Coordinator, Executive Producer and more.

Associate of Science in Recording Arts

Welcome to the Los Angeles Film School’s Recording Arts Associate of Science Degree Program. You are entering the incredibly diverse world of professional recording. In music production, songs and soundtracks are recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered. Feature films, television shows, and video games utilize separately created music, sound effects, and dialogue during the final re-recording mixing session to create an immersive multichannel surround mix.

The Recording Arts program is designed to provide students with exposure in all of these areas and more. Whether your passion making music, creating the most realistic sound effects for video games, or being a storyteller in film and television, the coursework in the Recording Arts program has you covered.

Associate of Science in Music Production

The Associate of Science in Music Production Degree Program provides an education track for individuals who would like to expand their passion for creating music into the production of music for diverse media applications using today’s latest digital music technology. The demand for original music content in all media continues to increase as the entertainment industry expands the use of online delivery of programming and multi-media content. The Music Production Degree Program’s curriculum presents the learner with comprehensive courses that focus on music theory, genres, and composition programming; digital music production; and music recording for various media. Whether you are a novice or a veteran musician, this degree provides a formal education that prepares for a number of career paths in traditional music production and production for multimedia applications. Along with the courses that focus on music production, courses in professional communication and presentation, music theory and history, songwriting, copyright and publishing, and general education round out the program. These courses build a foundation for the student as a working professional in the entertainment industry.