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Creativity. Imagination. Original ideas. The entertainment and creative industries thrive on fresh original stories, design, music and art. But no matter where your passion lies, one of the keys to a sustainable career in the future will be the ability to think creatively and have the skills to bring your ideas to life in a meaningful way.

Our History

Located in Winter Park, Florida (just outside of Orlando), Full Sail University is an educational leader for those pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. Established in 1979, the school’s on-campus and online programs provide students with an innovative and accelerated style of education geared toward career opportunities in recording, music, film, show production, video games, design, animation, entertainment business, Internet marketing, and sports management.

Online Degrees

With the majority of degree programs offered at the bachelor’s and master’s level, each is designed to provide students with knowledge and real world experience that will help them realize their career goals. The school’s unique educational approach combines elements of creativity, art, and technical prowess with a strong academic foundation. Courses at Full Sail are delivered via immersive teaching methods, both in the school’s real world production studios and classrooms, as well as through its interactive online learning environments.

Campus Degrees

Full Sail’s unique curriculum emphasizes intensive, real-world education, using the latest industry equipment and production processes. Students develop their skills in world-class recording studios, spacious film soundstages, motion capture studio, and a professional performing arts hall, all housed in a 110+ studio, 190-acre multimedia complex. These production environments give students the experience and discipline they need to excel in their careers.

Graduate Success

With over 34,000 alumni, our graduates have worked in many different roles for some of the industry’s top companies and contributed to countless notable projects:

†Films like The Dark Knight, Wall.E and the Saw series

†Albums by Kanye West and Amy Winehouse

†Games like Guitar Hero: On Tour and Call of Duty: World at War

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Classes are available in 19 areas:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation - Online

Full Sail University’s online Computer Animation Bachelor’s Degree Program focuses on the practical application of 3D computer graphics for careers in the entertainment media industry, teaching the processes used to develop animated content for games, television, feature films, and more. You’ll learn to master each step of production through a custom-built online platform, where you’ll work under the guidance of industry veterans to master the techniques of professional animator.

Course Highlights:

  • 3D Animation
  • Motion Capture

  • Compositing and Scene

  • Finishing

  • Shading and Lighting

  • Production Modeling

  • Character Rigging

  • Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinematography - Online

    With the impact of viral videos, streaming video options, and the rise of independent films, the applications of digital video are growing within today’s entertainment landscape. Full Sail University’s online Digital Cinematography bachelor’s degree program explores how these new technologies can create inspiring cinematic and commercial works. You’ll learn the creative process within the context of the film industry – from lighting, scripting, HD video production, to shooting in a variety of styles – to prepare you for the industry.

    Course Highlights:

    • Directing

    • Introduction to Editing and Visual Effects

    • Producing Independent Film

    • Storytelling

    • Digital Audio Production

    Bachelor of Science in Game Art - Online

    Learn how to turn your artistic vision into breathtaking game environments and striking characters. Full Sail University’s online Game Art Bachelor’s Degree Program teaches you the fundamentals of 3D asset creation for game development, exploring core concepts such as animation, rigging, character modeling, lighting and shading, and texturing. With a focus on content for consoles and computers, project-based classes guide you from the basics of digital art creation up through the latest technology. Your experience in the classroom is based around the same workflow processes found at professional gaming studios.

    Course Highlights:

  • Character Design and Creation
  • Level Design

  • Game Planning and Architecture

  • Game Animation

  • Shading and Lighting

  • Character Rigging

  • Bachelor of Science in Game Design - Online

    If you dream of creating captivating, engaging game experiences, Full Sail University’s online Game Design Bachelor’s Degree Program can help you set your career in motion. Learn how to develop a game from concept to completion using the processes used by the world’s top studios. The program’s specialized curriculum teaches you the elements of game development, from storytelling and narration, to technology and production, to leadership and project management. And, using Full Sail’s unique online platform, you’ll be able to engage in the same interaction between developers and artists that this highly collaborative industry depends upon.

    Course Highlights:

  • Game Mechanics
  • Level Design

  • Design And Development Analysis

  • Game Asset Review

  • Testing And Play Balancing

  • Demo Reel Creation

  • Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design - Online

    Full Sail University’s online Graphic Design Bachelor’s Degree Program gives you an in-depth look at the world of design. From print publishing to package design to website interfaces, the demand for well-designed graphics of all types has never been so high. This degree program prepares you to enter the industry with the ability to meet client demands and work under hard deadlines while still producing creative results, all with the convenience and flexibility of online education.

    Course Highlights:

  • Color Theory
  • Digital Audio Design

  • Motion Graphics

  • Graphic Web Design

  • Flash Media

  • Interactive Media Design And Usability

  • Master of Fine Arts in Media Design - Online

    Today’s successful companies depend on strong visual representation to stay a step ahead of the competition. Full Sail University’s online Media Design Master of Fine Arts Degree Program explores the role that creative direction plays in effectively delivering a company’s message. Bridge the gap between the boardroom and the design studio. Get prepared to enter the fast-paced world of media design and utilize your artistic skills to create an overall vision that’s both creatively fulfilling and professionally rewarding.

    Course Highlights

  • Ethics Of Design
  • Brand Development

  • Defining Client Needs

  • Design Strategies And Motivation

  • Design Research

  • Effective Copywriting

  • Bachelor of Science in Music Production - Online

    Full Sail University’s online Music Production Bachelor’s Degree Program gives you the tools needed to pursue a career in writing, producing and recording music for all types of media. Your classes focus on the music-making process, from music composition and arranging, to theory and ear training. You will also learn the recording and production process using various software and hardware technologies. You’ll develop a Digital Portfolio showcasing your work and learn to effectively market your talents to the entertainment and media industry.

    Course Highlights:

  • Music Composition Programming
  • Audio File Management and Documentation

  • Music Genres

  • Music Business Marketing

  • Audio Workstations

  • Digital Audio and Theory

  • Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Development - Online

    Full Sail University’s online Web Design & Development Bachelor’s Degree Program explores one of the most rapidly developing industries in our society, with coursework that balances design and aesthetic techniques with programming and coding. Develop a holistic vision of web design and development, create your own websites, and build the highly demanded skill set needed to start a career in this expanding field.

    Course Highlights:

  • Web Interface and Usability
  • Flash Design and Animation

  • Concepts of Object Oriented Programming

  • Designing for Web Standards

  • Networks and Server Structures

  • Rich Media Optimization

  • Bachelor of Science in Music Business - Online

    Full Sail University’s online Music Business Bachelor’s Degree Program is designed to give you a practical, real-world music business education. From tour managers and promoters to publishers and accountants, the behind-the-scenes figures of this business have always been a key component in some of the industry’s biggest successes. By learning the core fundamentals of business as well as concepts that are more specific to the world of music, you can become a part of the next phase in this ever-evolving industry.

    Course Highlights:

  • Record Label Development
  • Concert Management and Publicity

  • Artist Development

  • Music Distribution

  • Music Copyright and Publishing

  • Music Business Law and Contract Negotiations

  • Bachelor of Science in Media Communications - Online

    Skilled communicators are needed within every industry – and especially within the world of entertainment and media. If you’re ready to develop the skills that are valued in today’s evolving media landscape, Full Sail University’s online Media Communications bachelor’s degree program can help you meet your educational goals. In this program, you’ll learn core communication principles and writing techniques, while becoming familiar with digital media – from video and audio, to games and animation. You’ll take on projects that relate to real-world communications issues and apply your skill set in a final project that speaks to your passion.

    Course Highlights:

    . Digital Video and Editing Principals

    . Media Entrepreneurship

    . Media Publishing and Distribution

    . Principles of the Gaming Industry

    . Graphic Design and Communications

    . Animation and Storytelling

    Bachelor of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Online

    Innovative ideas are behind the brands and products that impact our lives the most, and many of those ideas thrive in the digital realm. If you have a vision for a creative or technology-based product or service, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship master’s degree program can teach you what goes into bringing it to fruition within the changing global marketplace. Whether you’re interested in launching a new venture or using your entrepreneurial vision within a larger organization, this program will teach you how to develop your ideas and organize your efforts.

    Specialized courses include:

    . Entrepreneurial Finance

    . High-Tech Entrepreneurship

    . Business Model Innovation

    . Product Design and Development

    . Marketing Strategies

    . Market Research

    Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing - Online

    If you want to learn how to craft the compelling stories behind film, television, games, and other entertainment media – and gain the skills to effectively market your work – Full Sail University’s online Creative Writing master’s degree program can give you the tools you need. You’ll explore concepts including visual storytelling, character development, screenwriting, and storyboarding for a variety of media while building a diverse portfolio and the business know-how to pursue your dream.

    Course Highlights Include:

    • Film Screenwriting and Storyboarding

    • Character Creation and Development

    • Editing for Film, Game, and Animation Scripts

    • Writing for Games

    • Script Analysis and Criticism

    Master of Science in Entertainment Business - Online

    Full Sail University’s online Entertainment Business master’s degree program covers advanced business courses related to artist management, media production and distribution. The curriculum uses the foundations of corporate administration as a starting point to further develop skills for careers in entertainment management. You’ll explore the strategies of today’s media production and distribution companies, and gain a focused understanding of the tools used by the leaders making the decisions that help drive the success of the industry.

    Course Highlights:

    • Product and Artist Management

    • Negotiation and Deal-Making

    • Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution

    • Business Plan Development

    • Entertainment Business Finance

    • Business Storytelling and Brand Development

    Master of Science in Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Online

    Innovative ideas are behind the brands and products that impact our lives the most, and many of those ideas thrive in the digital realm. If you have a vision for a creative or technology-based product or service, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship master’s degree program can teach you what goes into bringing it to fruition within the changing global marketplace. Whether you’re interested in launching a new venture or using your entrepreneurial vision within a larger organization, this program will teach you how to develop your ideas and organize your efforts.

    Specialized courses include:

    • Entrepreneurial Finance

    • High-Tech Entrepreneurship

    • Business Model Innovation

    • Product Design and Development

    • Marketing Strategies

    • Market Research

    Master of Science in Internet Marketing - Online

    Full Sail University’s online Internet Marketing master’s degree program explores the constantly evolving world of multi-channel marketing and the complex issues and opportunities available through the Internet. You’ll learn how to plan, launch and optimize integrated Internet campaigns that raise awareness, drive traffic, generate conversions, and measure return on investment. You’ll discover the strategies today’s digital marketing companies are using to establish corporate brand identities, and learn how to engage in Internet-related commerce.

    Course Highlights:

    • Advanced Search Engine Optimization

    • Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies

    • Internet Consumer Behavior And Analysis

    • Web Analytics and Optimization

    • Strategic Internet Public Relations

    • Internet And The Law

    Master of Arts in New Media Journalism - Online

    The changing world of journalism requires professionals to have an updated skill set to keep up with today’s media consumers. Full Sail University’s online New Media Journalism master’s degree program teaches the skills needed to report and distribute the news for new media audiences by blending traditional methods with emerging technology. You’ll learn how to produce multimedia content, use social media to engage audiences and promote your work, and publish and distribute content across digital delivery platforms.

    Course Highlights:

    • Writing for Interactive Media

    • Multimedia Development and Editing

    • Digital News Production

    • Mobile Technology and Communications

    • Social Media & Online Community Engagement

    Master of Arts in Public Relations - Online

    Whether you’re interested in advancing your PR career or ready to enter the industry, Full Sail University’s Public Relations master’s degree program can show you what goes into being an effective PR professional in today’s fastmoving media landscape. In this program, you’ll explore what goes into planning, executing, and evaluating media strategies, and learn how to launch powerful dialogues with an organization’s consumers and advocates through social media. You’ll build a website and social presence from the ground up, fostering your personal brand and audience, while building experience through the program’s project-based curriculum.

    Specialized courses include:

    • Social Media Metrics and ROI

    • Public Relations in a Digital World

    • Reputation Management

    • The Online Media Room

    • Consumer Research Analysis

    Master of Science in Business Intelligence - Online

    The explosive growth of data from the Internet, social networks, and business networks has given organizations the tools to amass a wealth of information, and organizations are now recognizing the value this data represents. In Full Sail University’s Business Intelligence master of science degree program, you’ll learn how to collect, manage, analyze, and visualize Big Data. By the end of the program, you’ll be able to demonstrate your abilities as a BI professional by conducting your own research, and developing and presenting your findings.

    Course highlights:

    ·         Business Intelligence Analytics

    · Data Mining

    · Data Visualization

    · Process Modeling and Analysis

    · Enterprise Data Management

    · Business Intelligence Leadership

    Master of Science in Mobile Gaming - Online

    The growing mobile gaming industry brings its own unique challenges and opportunities, and needs professionals who understand the technological, psychological, and financial sides of mobile game development. In Full Sail University’s Mobile Gaming master’s degree program, you’ll build a skill set specialized to the world of mobile games, including concept development, advanced programming, deployment, plus business models and workflow. You’ll build your own game from start of finish, which you’ll learn how to market and monetize.

    Course Highlights:

    ·         Mobile Game Development

    · User Interface Design

    · Advanced Programming

    · Storyboard and Game Design

    · Game Theory

    · Game Discovery and Industry Analysis