Collins College

Build the foundation for a successful career at Collins College, offering Associate and Bachelor’s degrees in some of today’s hot career fields. Our two locations in Phoenix and Tempe offer students a convenient choice to further their education, whether they’re just out of high school or they’re returning to school to pursue additional career training.

At our two quality colleges in Arizona, our focus is you the student. We offer a training ground for in-demand careers in design, media and technology. Want to learn network technology, interior design or graphic design? Collins College can be the place.

Plenty of Space at Our Colleges in Arizona

When you pursue a degree in the areas of design, media or technology, you need space to learn. Collins College occupies approximately 104,000 square-feet of floor space, filled with various classrooms, computer labs, a digital print room, video editing bays and a photographic studio. You’ll be impressed with our computer workstations and industry-current software. Need time to study? Head to our comprehensive library/resource center or to our student learning centers. All of our space is handicapped-accessible.

Class Schedules designed to fit your lifestyle

Our colleges in Arizona are built around a student-centered environment. Early birds and night owls alike can find a schedule to fit their lifestyle, whether you’re looking for day or evening sessions. We let you choose the times that are most convenient to you.

With approximately 2,000 students enrolled in day and evening classes at our colleges in Arizona, every attempt is made to keep classes sizes small. Student assistants are used to facilitate focused attention in larger classrooms.

Hands-on learning: Using tools of the trade

When you’re going to school for training in design, media or technology, it makes sense you should receive training as if you were already on the job. At our North Phoenix and Tempe campuses in Arizona, you can use real-world tools for real-world applications. Depending on the degree program you choose, you can use high-performance Macintosh computers and Windows NT workstations, PC laptops, desktops, motion-picture film cameras, and Sony HDCAM cameras and decks.

The right software can make a good artist great. That’s why we use programs including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Smoke. Our Network Technology students use Cisco switch and router simulation software, as well as a variety of Novell and Microsoft applications.

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Classes are available in 7 areas:

Associate of Arts in Digital Video Production

If you have a passion for creating stories with digital video, the Associate of Arts degree in Digital Video Production at Collins College could be for you. You can explore live television studio production and staging techniques for live events. Demonstrate your talent in the form of videos you create from concept to final, edited composition. We can help you create a portfolio of work to assist you in preparing for an exciting career.

As a student in our Digital Video Production degree program, you’ll take classes in Cinema History, Photography, Audio Production, Digital Editing, and 2D and 3D Animation. You can learn the ins and outs of pre- and post-production and non-linear editing, plus lighting and audio for video and field production.

Editing StationCollins College offers industry-current programs like a. Adobe Photoshop, After FX, Avid XpressPro and Digidesign Protools to cultivate your knowledge, skills and experience. Our industry current labs and studios can help you produce effective commercial presentations.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising

Develop a head for business and an eye for fashion design.
Fashion is certainly one of the more glamorous careers – where creating and forecasting trends and attending fashion shows and designer showrooms can be part of your job. Personal style can be your starting point, but you need more than a flair for fashion to make it in this field. You can learn what it takes in our Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design & Merchandising program. It’s designed to help you gain the skills – along with the business knowledge – to take your creative ideas all the way from fashion sketch. . . to models on the runway. . . to the real women and men who will purchase them.
Along with learning professional techniques for creating and producing your designs – including fabric and color selection, pattern drafting, draping, garment construction, and tailoring – you’ll have the opportunity to learn about fashion publicity and promotion, merchandising practices, store design, and global sourcing. When you graduate you should have a portfolio showcasing your best work – and an understanding of how fashions progress from design to runway to retail.
A Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising could be your first step into an exciting career that requires both fashion savvy and business smarts.

Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production

If the thought of being involved in the exciting process of filmmaking interests you, the Bachelor of Arts in Film & Video Production at Collins College could be for you. As a student, you can explore the elements involved in the technical production of film images and the process of the three phases of production as they relate to an advanced film program.

You can learn the ins and outs of screenwriting, non-linear editing, studio and location lighting, and audio for studio and field production. Our Film & Video Production degree program will introduce you to the technical aspects of high-definition television and the formatting differences between HDTV, film, digital video, and television processes and equipment.

Production StudioYou can demonstrate your talent in the form of videos you create from concept to final, edited composition. In this Film & Video Production degree program, you can explore 3D animation, advanced audio production, Super16mm film, Sony HDCam and Panasonic Varicam cameras. Our industry current studios, labs and classrooms offer the ideal learning environment for students wanting quality film & video training.

Bachelor of Science in Game Production

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a video game? If you’re an avid player of computer games, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Game Production at Collins College could be for you.

Game designers are the skilled and imaginative professionals who bring a game concept to life. Become a student in our Game Production degree program for an education in game research and planning to content development, character development and storytelling all the way through level design, modeling, programming and project management. You’ll have the opportunity to learn game essentials such as C++, Java, 3ds max and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to turn your game concept into game reality. Best of all? You can have a professional portfolio to showcase your work to potential employers.

Our Game Production degree program can be completed in as few as 120 weeks, getting you into the workplace sooner than you think.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

If you’ve ever dreamed of a career in the exciting Graphic Design field, Collins College could help your dream come true. Students in the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design program can experience a harmonious blend of real-world training by instructors who know what it takes to succeed in this fast-paced industry.

Collins College StudentAs a student, you can learn about communication, commerce and art, and how to become a visual problem solver. You’ll have the opportunity to refine and perfect your design skills in typography, color theory, digital production, empirical design and art direction through real-world applications.

This creative Graphic Design degree program can be completed in as little as 30 months, depending on the division. Students can use industry-specific hardware and software on Macintosh and Windows-based computers. Available labs include computer labs, photography studio lab, and photo/video labs.

Associate of Science in Graphic Design

Have you been told you have a vivid imagination? Are you looking for a graphic design college in Arizona? Collins College offers an Associate of Science Degree in Graphic Design to help you unleash your creativity and illustrate your originality. Good designers live and breathe their craft. They’re trained to combine aesthetics with function. In a Graphic Design college, you can gain the knowledge, skills and experience needed to prepare you for an entry-level position in the Graphic Design field. A Graphic Design degree from Collins College can help prepare you for rewarding career opportunities.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Audio Production

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Audio Production degree program at Collins College is designed to help students like you develop advanced techniques in recording, mixing and mastering. Students enrolled in our industry-focused training program will be introduced to the principles of MIDI, synthesis and sound design for CD production. With the use of industry-standard equipment, students can gain the practical, hands-on education necessary for the audio production field.