Music Production colleges may offer a variety of courses. Audio engineering courses teach the ins and outs of setting up a studio, mixing, processing, and recording software skills. Music Production courses cover a wider area, focusing on people skills, but also generally include a good grounding in audio engineering and composing and arranging. There are a number of Online Music Production schools, but stiff competition means hands-on experience will count for a lot. In this industry, networking and connections are the lubricant that oil the gears of a successful career.

Good jobs in the recording and entertainment industry are highly competitive and very lucrative. Music Production is necessary for film, television, video game, and music recording, and Bachelors and Masters degrees in Music Production will provide the necessary base from which to build a career. To increase your chances of finding work after you?ve graduated, look for a Music Production school that is likely to introduce you to some real audio professionals, and give you real time in a real studio. Making connections from day one of your training will lead to a real chance of success.

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