Industrial Design Schools and Online Industrial Design schools are both options for college students. The curriculum of the program typically entails design, art history, technical drawing, equipment, and model design, and electives in areas such as furniture-making. Classes prepare the student for design with computer modeling and instruction of prototypes. To excel within this major, it is important to be not only artistic, but also to create great technical skills. Additionally, communication is an important skill, not only verbally but also written and visually, in order to convey ideas.

Careers in Industrial Design begin as entry-level positions, as the job requires mentoring and hands-on training. Prior to graduation, it is recommended that future designers complete an internship. Once a portfolio is built, many designers, who have long careers with their employers, are able to move into positions of senior level project managers or department heads. Consultant opportunities are also available for designers, as are teaching positions at universities, colleges, and art schools. Because the field of Industrial Design is pertinent to all everyday items, the career outlook for those pursuing Industrial Design degrees is very positive.

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