Individuals enrolling in an accredited Illustration school can make the choice to pursue 2-year or 4-year degrees at one of several campus colleges or online Illustration schools. Some students may want to seek a Master?s degree in Illustration. There are many important courses Illustration students should be prepared to take. Narrative Illustration, book Illustration, digital media, digital drawing, digital painting, Illustration design, and history of Illustration are some of these courses. Students should also look into applying for an internship to gain some professional experience to go along with their certification.

The Illustration field is very competitive, so students should be prepared to use all of their academic and professional resources to obtain employment in this exciting and lucrative sector. Successful graduates can apply for a position as a technical illustrator, graphics designer, visual designer, web graphics designer, advertising illustrator, or a graphics editor. Fortunately all of the aforementioned job positions offer competitive wages. Illustrators can expect to make anywhere from $30,000 a year to $75,000 a year.

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