There are several reputable online audio production schools, which offer comprehensive courses in this discipline for beginners through to advanced pupils. Training can take anywhere from six months to over two years to complete, depending on the level of mastery the student wishes to achieve. A specific area of specialization must be selected, which coursework will be based on. Students will achieve efficiency in mixing, MIDI sequencing, working with software programs, and the administrative side of the music industry. Training the ear to recognize a quality recording is another valuable skill, which is taught.

Graduates with audio production degrees from accredited colleges have a number of career opportunities available to them, but this depends on the specific area in which they have received instruction. It should be noted that this is generally a very competitive job sector, meaning there are not a lot of openings so it will be necessary to exercise determination and perseverance . Nonetheless, those who have taken audio production courses do find work; they may apply for entry-level positions in recording, television or movie studios as production assistants, sound technicians or sound engineers.

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