The video game market generates billions of dollars a year. Over the past two decades, video games have become the number one choice of entertainment for people of all ages. With the demand for new and improved video games at a high, people who have the skill to design games will be in demand also.

There are a number of schools that have game design programs available. Students have several options to assist them with funding. Grants, financial aid, and game design scholarships are available for game design students. Scholarships can be offered by a college or by private and public organizations. Game design scholarships have different requirements. Some are awarded based on essay contests, a high G.P.A., or through contests that require applicants to express their creative abilities. Game design scholarships may also be awarded based on financial need.

Scholarships can easily be found online by doing a simple search. For example, the Fastweb website ( has a scholarship database that lists available scholarships for game design students, such as the Entertainment Software Association which awards scholarships specifically to high school and college students who are enrolled in game design programs. 

Game design students can also get game design scholarships through the David Wesner Video Editing scholarship program. Game design students can enter the Swackhamer Disarmament Video Contest for a chance to win a scholarship. They can also search for scholarships offered by companies in the industry, such as Electronic Arts, Sony, and Microsoft, since they have an interest in fostering the next generation of awesome game designers.

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