Audio production scholarships help students pursue their dreams of recording, mixing, editing, and producing music and sound. Trying to learn such intricacies on your own can take time, effort, and even a few missteps. But a formal education not only gives students the proper foundation and technical skills, but can provide opportunities to network with professionals in the music industry.

With so many technical aspects and various recording equipment to learn, it can be beneficial to take up an audio production program at an audio engineering school, college, or university. Such education does not come cheaply, and that’s where audio production scholarships can help. Some of the important concepts and aspects of audio and sound engineering that you will be taught include how to use popular production and recording software such as Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar, and Ableton Live,. You will also learn professional mix approaches, different music styles, recording and mixing effects, and how to configure a studio for optimal sound.

Students who are interested in audio production scholarships, grants, and other funding sources should check out the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Educational Foundation, the SAE International Scholarships Program, the Charlie Jones Scholarship, and the TEC Foundation for Excellence in Audio. Some notable music schools in the country also offer scholarships, such as the McNally Smith College of Music and Berklee College of Music. These scholarships are offered to students who are pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of audio engineering and music production.

Extra funding can help students a long way in their achieving a great career in the music industry.

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