Advertising scholarships are funds that are provided to students who are majoring in advertising, to help them cover the costs of their education. The good thing about scholarships is that many do not have to be repaid. A scholarship may be awarded because of talent, academic merits, financial need, or for other criteria specified by the scholarship donors.

Advertising is a rewarding career and is a great choice for any creative person who likes to sell products and services using different types of media, such as print, television, and radio. Success in this career requires ambition, creativity, talent, and a good educational foundation. There are several careers available within this field, and they require a variety of skills, such as creative writing, graphic design, sales, and oral communication.

There are a number of different sources of advertising scholarships available for students wishing to study advertising at either the undergraduate or graduate level. These scholarships vary in amount and also in their requirements. They are available from both public institutions and private organizations and at the regional and state levels. Some advertising scholarships can be applied for while in college, such as the Glenn C. Smith Scholarship, which is awarded to full-time, advertising students all over the world based on a submitted ad campaign.

The LAGRANT Foundation offers scholarships to undergraduate and graduate minority students majoring in advertising, marketing, and public relations. At the state level, the Arkansas Advertising Federation offers annual scholarships for advertising majors in Arkansas.

School-specific advertising scholarships are also available. One example is the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Jennifer B. Reis Scholarship, which is awarded to graduate students pursuing an advertising degree.

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