If you have an innate appreciation for the form and function of buildings and dream of creating art with a purpose, then consider an education from one of many qualified Schaumburg architecture schools. A career in architecture can help you to create things that are used, useful, and appreciated.

Imagine the gratification that comes from this demanding job. Imagine the salary! A career in architecture can help you to see and experience the world in a whole new way. Some people will tell you that there are no set prerequisites for architects, but for good architects there definitely are! When you’re dealing with jobs so large and important, you’d better believe that your future employers want to see some serious credentials. Degrees from Schaumburg architecture schools definitely qualify as credentials.

Whether you’re on the fast track to an architectural career and are pursuing an AA or AS in Architecture, or whether you’re hoping to become the next big thing with a Master’s in Architectural Engineering, Schaumburg is home to many fine schools offering a variety of architectural programs, certifications, and degrees. When you study at one of Schaumburg’s fine institutions, you’ll be just minutes from inspiration. Schaumburg is less than 30 miles away from Chicago and many of the world’s leading architectural firms. You’ll love having immediate access to this amazing mecca while living and studying in the security and comfort of a small town.

In fact, many past architectural students have moved into important positions in Chicago without moving out of their beloved neighborhoods in Schaumburg. So what kind of career can you look forward to after graduating from architecture school? While different degrees and experience will qualify you for different careers, architecture applies to many positions. Here are just a few fields that fall under the architecture umbrella: design, digital design, interior design, construction, reconstruction, preservation, engineering, and drafting (specifically computer assisted drafting, or “CAD”). Each of these fields in turn incorporates dozens or even hundreds of other job titles. As your education proceeds, you’re sure to get a feel for which aspect of architecture appeals most to you. What you can expect to learn at different Schaumburg architecture schools varies from one program to the next, though all will have a specific focus on some architectural concept or element.

In virtually all architectural programs that you participate in, you will need to utilize math and statistical skills. You’ll learn how to evaluate a project from the ground up and will also learn how to create scale models and computer representations. In shorter programs, you’ll be introduced to CAD technology and the basic elements of architecture. In a standard four-year program your early studies will be more diverse but by your junior and senior years your coursework will become more major-specific as you learn the skills necessary to become a true professional.

A Master’s program takes your education to the next level by helping you to embrace advanced concepts and to develop advanced skills. An education from one of the many well-respected Schaumburg architecture schools can really open doors.


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