Santa Barbara Visual Effects Schools

Santa Barbara California, a wonderful place to pursue a post graduate education in visual effects

Could there be a more tailor-made environment for pursuing a lucrative career in visual effects than Santa Barbara, California? Santa Barbara visual effects schools provide a virtual mecca for educational institutions (universities, colleges, junior colleges and institutes) that cater to students seeking quality training in the exploding field of visual effects — commonly referred to as Visual F/X or simply VFX.

Santa Barbara visual effects schools include Brooks Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College are all located in Santa Barbara. These schools all offer a wide range of study leading to undergraduate degrees in visual effects and animation for the motion picture and TV industry, gaming applications and a quickly expanding array of corporate, government and education consumers.

It would be difficult for the student searching for a place to continue his or her education, to find a more pleasant and motivating learning environment than Santa Barbara and the surrounding area. Sandwiched between pristine beaches along the beautiful Pacific to the west and the Santa Ynez mountain range to the east, the area has a variety of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year around. The city of just under 100,000 residents and the surrounding area, with its temperate year around climate, is often referred to as  the “American Riviera.” Located just 90 miles north of Hollywood, the hub of all the major film studios, Santa Barbara is a favored area for motion picture industry recruiters seeking talent to fill high tech production positions with unlimited potential career potential. The city has long and deep ties to the film industry with many celebrities and high level film executives maintaining homes in the area.

Students who choose to specialize their studies at Santa Barbara visual effects schools have an extensive range of choices to make in furthering their education. Brooks Institute,  UC of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College all offer somewhat different core and specialized lines of study. Each specialize in various areas of study and training. Prospective students at Santa Barbara visual effects schools need be match their expectations and goals to the institution they feel best meets their desired outcome. Close examination of the school catalogs and overall course of study leading to a degree. It’s highly recommended that the student also pay the campus a visit and consult with curriculum adviso

The visual effects curricula is, in many ways, a very narrow and specialized field of study. The student working toward a degree will be subject to a heavy load of study in the field of computer-generated or computer graphics imagery (CGI) — 2 and 3 dimensional. Candidates seeking degrees specializing in visual effects can expect to master the complex features of incredibly sophisticated, state-of-the art and beyond software and super-powerful computers on a daily basis.

As much as visual effects rely on heavyweight technology it isn’t exclusively in the domain of electronic wizardry.  The successful visual effects specialist also needs to develop the creative skills to envision and put into motion the most effective way to use the wonderful support tools that are available — bringin the human and emotional dimension to the marvelously realistic effects they create — marrying technology and art.

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