Secure skills at Santa Barbara illustration schools

Discover what you need to know about attending Santa Barbara illustration schools and where your training can take you.

Your options are as varied as the landscape when considering Santa Barbara illustration schools. Nestled between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara is an ideal place for future illustrators to attend school. 

This Californian coastal city, known as the “American Riviera”, offers picturesque views, a warm climate and several educational institutions where those with an artistic bent can explore this creative career.

Illustration is included in the educational stream of visual arts, which also encompasses graphic design, painting, photography and sculpture. The goal of illustrators is to generate ideas and create illustrations to convey an idea, message or story.

A degree is not needed to become an illustrator – a bachelor’s degree will enhance skills and start a portfolio – but attending a Santa Barbara illustration school, with programs designed to provide specific skills, will enhance your ability to enter the workforce with confidence. 

You can obtain a BA at Santa Barbara’s University of California or Antitoch University, attend the media arts program at Santa Barbara City College, take arts department courses at Westmont College or become immersed in all things artsy at the Brooks Institute of Photography. You can even look into online programs like those offered by the Academy of Art University located in San Francisco while still enjoying the exhilarating beauty of Santa Barbara.

A portfolio of work and a synopsis of previous experience may be required as part of an application process to any program you may want to enter, so keep an ongoing history of projects, jobs and volunteer service. 
Santa Barbara illustration schools generally include courses such as art history, layout design, the basics of perspectives and other drawing skills, color theory, human anatomy and computer design software. Pencil, paint and charcoal are the traditional mediums of any illustrator but technology has added computer software and digital formatting to the palette, making instruction in these areas important to finding employment in today’s workplace.

Your training at Santa Barbara illustration schools will allow you to work as an illustrator, animator or sketch artist.

Illustrators can find employment producing art for books, magazines, signs, greeting cards, advertising, stationary and wrapping paper. They may also design storyboards for television commercials, animators, movies and computer games, as well as illustrations for medical, scientific and technical manuals, journals and books.

Animators work in the always-exciting film, advertising and software design industries to develop special effects, advertising artwork, and computer games and programs.

As a sketch artist, you can work for the legal system and law enforcement, creating drawings of people to assist with court cases and investigations. You may also become self-employed as a caricaturist or portrait artist.

Combining a Santa Barbara illustration school with graphic design training will enhance your marketability and increase the variety of job and career opportunities available. Such skills make it easy to develop brochures, posters and a variety of retail products.

About two-thirds of people trained in the visual arts, including illustration, are self-employed so a true sense of entrepreneurism will certainly aid in your success in the field.

Whether exploring Santa Barbara illustration schools to become an illustrator or to enhance your skills, you have a lot of selection. The city has all the beauty required to spark your creativity and schools where you can hone your skills for an “illustrious” career. The key is finding a Santa Barbara illustration school that meets your needs with regard to location, courses and programs with the right focus, and interesting and capable instructors. 

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