Choosing a career in graphic design is the first step to finding the right school. Knowing exactly what you want to do will help in choosing. Find out what each school has to offer and if you are not sure, ask questions.

There are many careers in the graphic design field. If you are considering a job as a layout artist for a magazine – compiling images and putting them in a desirable layout for printing, a web designer – designing web pages for businesses or individual, possibly even a game creator – creating software for video games, then graphic design is the educational choice you need to look into.

Graduates of Santa Barbara graphic design schools have an array of careers to choose from. Even photographers and illustrators will find a niche here. Other possibilities with a graphic design degree include logo designers, branding designers, and art directors. All of these fields require knowledge of the newest software and trends, much attention to detail, and a creative mind.

Looking for the right Santa Barbara graphic design schools can be daunting no matter what area you are looking into. There are two schools in the Santa Barbara, CA area that offer courses and degrees in graphic design in the traditional class room setting.

Brooks Institute, one of the Santa Barbara graphic design schools, claims to have offered its graphic design course since the mid 1950’s, also claiming to have graduated many famous movie makers, including Robert Legato who won the Academy Award for Best Effects – Digital Domain – in the Titanic. They offer an accelerated Bachelor’s Degree that can be completed in as little as three years. They also offer financial aide to those who qualify.

The Santa Barbara City College, also a Santa Barbara graphic design school, is another school that offers courses in graphic design and photography. City College offers an Associate of Arts degree as well as a certificate in graphic design. They offer financial aide and scholarships to those who qualify. They also offer an internship and job placement after completion.

In addition to the Santa Barbara graphic design schools in the area, there are a number of schools that offer online courses. Before choosing an online school, be sure you are completely honest with yourself about how self-motivated you are. You have to be pretty disciplined to complete a self-study program.

The Art Institute of Pittsburg offers an online Bachelor’s Degree and hands on training allowing you to create your own portfolio by graduation to help launch your career. They offer financial aide and career placement.

Westwood College offers an online Associate of Science Degree in graphic design and multimedia. They offer financial aide.

There are other schools in neighboring areas that offer courses and degrees, too. Los Angeles City College, ITT Tech in San Diego, San Francisco Art Institute, and Orange Coast College are all nearby colleges that offer some sort of degree in graphics art or graphic design. Depending on whether you want a traditional setting in the classroom or feel you have what it takes to complete the courses online, there are many opportunities in the Santa Barbara graphic design schools area.


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