Failing banks, turmoil in the stock market and auto industry bailouts seem to permeate our society these days. To remain an optimist, it has been hard not to latch onto the bad news and go along for the ride so I decided to go on a quest for good news. My first conclusion was that not everyone is unemployed; therefore some positive growth in the marketplace is out there.

Even during these troubled times, one sector of the economy that is not in bad shape and is in fact a growth industry is the online gaming industry. Game design schools that provide jobs for the virtual gaming industry are on the upswing; in fact they are on pace for growth that is rarely seen in our country. According to NPD Groups reported statistics, the video gaming industry was projected to reach 22 billion dollars in 2008.
There is no reason to believe this trend will end in 2009 or beyond.

California is currently at the forefront of this rapidly expanding industry. More degrees in game design, programming and engineering of game development are being offered at the state’s universities, independent colleges and trade schools.

It appears that if you are interested in a bright future in a fun business, California’s schools might just be your ticket. Santa Barbara game design schools in particular seem to be a magnet for gaming, drawing those who crave more knowledge in the field and those who teach it.

Midpoint between Los Angeles to the south and San Francisco to the north, Santa Barbara is the beautiful gateway to wine country and much of California’s rich history. Perhaps the location is responsible for attracting top experts in the gaming field or perhaps it is this exciting industry. Either way, Santa Barbara game design schools are becoming the Silicon Valley of online gaming and design.

It is easy to see why people are drawn to the moderate climate and prime location on the “American Riviera.” Media arts have replaced liberal arts as majors and game design is as common in the vernacular as marketing once was. Courses in Soft Image XSI, Virtools, Flash, 3DSMax and Photoshop are the focus of learning in Santa Barbara.

Grants and educational funding numbers back the trend as well. A future in gaming at whatever your level of interest is job one at Santa Barbara game design schools. The buzz is all about gaming and how you fit into that future.

We often get lost in the negatives of life – the slumping economy, jobs outsourced overseas and our own daily short falls. But when you sit back and look at America, the future is always bright. It just takes more foresight now than it did a hundred years ago.

Trends are swift but lucrative and the insightful person can ride one wave after another. Right now the wave toward gaming and design is a virtual tsunami and the coast of central California is the beach. Santa Barbara is one bright beacon of hope in a sometimes gloomy world. We live in exciting times!

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