Fine art, a broad career field for human creativity development represents many discipline which could include specialization in almost any artistic specialty in both the visual and performing arts. Career opportunities for fine artists specializing in visual arts include gallery artists, commission portrait artists, publicly and privately commissioned sculptors or printmakers, fine jewelry makers, ceramics designers, background painters for animated films, scenic artists for films or theatres, muralists, or artisans/crafts persons among others. The opportunities are really as wide and as varied as the interests of the fine artists.                     

Student can earn a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and can continue on to receive Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree which is considered the highest degree for studying fine art. Many students who enter a fine art program focus on art history for which a doctorate degree is likewise available. Others pursue advance education by seeking career as art critics, gallery directors or museum education program specialists.
Most people think that art can be easily self-taught, and that any good hobbyist has a good shot at becoming a good illustrator. The truth is, learning to draw or paint is one of the most challenging and at times, most frustrating task a person can undertake. While sheer talent is of great advantage and credential of an artist maybe immaterial to a satisfied buyer of his artifact, yet, making a mark in the wide and competitive world of art could probe to be elusive.

It would be of great help to a promising artist if fine art rudiments, theories and modern methods could be learned from those who have come before him, especially from the experienced artist instructors of prestigious fine art schools. After all, even the famed Picasso went to school and learned to paint in the established tradition of times before pursuing his legendary and highly rewarding art career. Indeed, the road to success and prominence is paved not only with talent and hard work but with impressive school credential as well.
Finding the right art school is a basic concern of students who choose fine art as their career, knowing that the fundamental knowledge and principles that could be derived from reputable art schools would constitute the foundation of their future undertakings. As a matter of course, those four-year-art-focused schools that employ highly competent art instructors and with state-of-the-art facilities and equipments for effective learning purposes become the preferential choices of many students of art. Incidentally, most of those kinds of fine art schools are situated at Santa Barbara in California.

Santa Barbara fine art schools normally offer art instructions couched in a liberal arts program of study, granting degrees at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate level just like in universities. Significantly, all degrees offered at Santa Barbara fine art schools are art related and the required coursework outside the art is more attuned to the perspective of art itself. Student’s focus on art is maintained (despite the non-art work that broadens perspective) due to prohibition on switching to major course outside of the art.

It is noteworthy that among the finest fine art schools in the world are the fine art schools at Santa Barbara which make the city the foremost breeding ground for world class fine artists. This is indicative of the full support of people and organizations from that part of the world for the development of fine art way beyond its artistic limitation. Such a disposition of concerned people and entities at Santa Barbara is translated into motion, raising the level of art education at Santa Barbara fine art schools several notches above the rest.


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