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For those seeking education in CAD drafting, Santa Barbara CAD drafting schools may be what you’re looking for. Santa Barbara is home to schools that offer degree programs in CAD drafting such as Santa Barbara City College and ITT Technical Institute. Santa Barbara City College offers a Certificate of Achievement and an Associate in Science Degree, while ITT Technical Institute offers an Associate’s Degree.

Santa Barbara CAD drafting schools are known for their high quality educational programs. Santa Barbara City College is one of the leading two-year colleges in the nation. They also offer online courses to accommodate students with busy schedules or work commitments. The ITT Technical Institute in Santa Barbara is one of more than 100 across the country. Their curriculum is organized into six schools, one of which is the school of drafting and design. Both of these schools are good choices for anyone interested in CAD drafting.

A person who enrolls in one of the Santa Barbara CAD drafting schools will learn how to draft designs for a variety of things. These could range from designs for one component of a machine for example, to designs for an entire building. The drafting process is performed on a computer using special drafting software, hence the acronym CAD, which stands for computer-aided design. Additionally, modern drafting software allows designs to be drawn up in two or three dimensions. This is an advance from the drafting of the past, in which only three right-angle views of an object were produced using hand-held tools and paper.

CAD drafting is used extensively in engineering. Not only is it used to create the plans for a new product, but it can also be used later on when the product is going through the testing phase. During testing, the CAD model may be used to gauge certain properties of the final product such as strength and flexibility. Additionally, CAD drafting is used in many industries. Individuals who complete a drafting program in one of the previously mentioned schools could find themselves working in the medical, aerospace or architectural industries.

Santa Barbara CAD drafting schools are desirable places to study because of Santa Barbara’s beautiful environment and intriguing cultural scene. Santa Barbara has been called the “American Riviera” because its coastal geography and climate remind some people of the French and Italian Riviera. In addition, there are many places nearby where people can go hiking and sightseeing. These include the Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and Rattlesnake Canyon, among others. Santa Barbara also has a thriving cultural scene that is supported by its many art galleries, performing arts theaters and museums.

Another great thing about Santa Barbara CAD drafting schools is their proximity to Los Angeles. Los Angeles, being a major metropolitan city, will essentially always have job opportunities for CAD drafters. Someone going to school in Santa Barbara could easily keep tabs on the job market in Los Angeles and possibly even make some contacts or get an internship there while they are working on their degree.


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