Study art management in Santa Barbara.  Santa Barbara art management schools offer strong academics and opportunities to work in art management in and around Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara’s art management schools offer business-minded students who love art an outstanding art management curriculum along with the chance to live in a place of inspiring natural beauty.  This coastal California city is home to a thriving arts scene with a rich history and deep roots in Santa Barbara and the surrounding communities. 

Since the early 1900s, the Pacific Ocean, the Santa Inez Mountains and the Mediterranean climate have drawn artists to Santa Barbara.  Art management school students today follow in the footsteps of the pioneering artists who migrated here to practice their craft in the warm sunshine.  These artists banded together to support each other, and they also worked to integrate art into civic life and build a sustainable artistic community in Santa Barbara.

Art management schools here give students a strong academic foundation in art management, while connecting them to a wealth of practical opportunities to work in art organizations in and around Santa Barbara.  Students learn the business side of art both in the classroom and in the community.

Art enriches society, but to be sustainable, it must also enrich those who make it.  In the business of art, prices must be set.  Buyers and sellers must be connected.  And of course, everyone involved must profit.  Graduates from Santa Barbara art management schools will gain a thorough understanding of the economic workings of the art market. 

Coursework covers all the financial aspects of the art business.  Students will learn about the international multi-million dollar fine art auction market.  They will also understand mass-market approaches such as licensing, branding and selling art over the Internet.

Art history is approached from the point of view of understanding the production of art, how supply and demand affect the market and how social and fashion trends impact the marketability of certain artists and styles of art.  Students develop a keen insight into how market research and today’s marketing techniques can be applied to positioning artists and finding the right buying audience for the work of any artist.

Santa Barbara art management schools afford students a unique advantage.  With its dozens of galleries, art museums and myriad arts organizations, Santa Barbara itself is a living classroom where art management students can have the opportunity to see first hand how art contributes significantly to the local economy. 

Santa Barbara is just 90 minutes north of Los Angeles, making it easy for art management students to take advantage of an inexhaustible range of art exhibits and activities.

Students at Santa Barbara art management schools have access to many opportunities to work and network with practicing art professionals who are successful at the business of art.  The resident faculty includes many artists who live and work in Santa Barbara.  Art management schools here also enjoy access to a rich variety of guest lecturers and artists in residence.

Students at art management schools get a warm welcome in Santa Barbara.  Art management schools provide the city with artistically sensitive, business-minded graduates well prepared to help Santa Barbara’s artistic community thrive.


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