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Santa Barbara has always been a town with amazing scenery, beautiful beaches and unbelievable sunsets. Recently, the Santa Barbara Advertising School has been getting attention for using a different approach to teach their students the most up-to-date techniques in advertising. The result from this new approach has provided the school to obtain a 98% job placement rate when their students graduate. The secret to their success focuses on a unique advertising learning curriculum, amazing location, and focusing their efforts on proven career options. This article will explore these three school foundations that create their success.

Santa Barbara Advertising School uses a proven program that puts their students in real world work experiences. The purpose for this is to help drastically cut down the learning curve amongst advertising skills and techniques. The support and knowledge of qualified instructors gives students a chance to learn side by side from experienced professionals presently working in the advertising industry who have at least a minimum of ten years experience. Hands-on learning is the only method that Santa Barbara Advertising School uses. This approach gives each individual the knowledge and understanding to confidently complete an assignment and be able to transfer their skills into the work force immediately. The secret to their success has always been in their proven curriculum

One of the main benefits that draw students to the Santa Barbara Advertising School each year is the warm inviting environment. This beautiful city offers a vibrant old town feeling with plenty of shops, outdoor coffee cafes, and a variety of entertainment. A unique feature for students is the endless amount of year round outdoor activities for them to do. Some of the most popular include: hiking, biking, beach-combing and other outdoor activities centered on local beaches. Students will have many advantageous chances to visit other popular cities in California. The Santa Barbara Advertising School is mid way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Both offer many chances for sight seeing, entertainment, and advertising jobs. Santa Barbara recently was named the All American City for its desirable and affordable place to live and work.

When students graduate from the Santa Barbara Advertising School they will have many opportunities available to them. Their proven program offers individuals different aspects of advertising and marketing which include career choices in Advertising Media Planning, Public Relations Specialist, Production Managers, and Copywriting and Illustration. By the end of a student’s time at the school they will be well prepared to successfully enter into this growing industry. With a 98% job placement rate after graduation you can now see why students are excited to attend the Santa Barbara Advertising School.

As you can probably tell by now these are just some of the reasons why the Santa Barbara Advertising School has received much attention lately. Their results oriented curriculum, along with an amazing city provides students with many opportunities to get into the advertising field. It is anticipated that the school will continue to grow and produce top notch advertising students for years to come.


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