A brief overview of the career possibilities in the field of photography and education in San Luis Obispo county, California.

The photography schools in the San Luis Obispo area will teach you anything from basic photography, to light-room photography and wedding photography.

A San Luis Obispo photography school will teach how to look for light, such as moving the subject to make the light work for you instead of against you, or how different times of the day make the same subject look completely different. You will learn the best way to take a picture from where the light is.

Using color to make something stand out is also taught at San Luis Obispo photography schools. Having contrasts of color can change the attention of the photograph. Having a color harmony will make the subjects in the picture blend together so there is nothing to distract the eye.

Emphasizing textures, patterns and depth will make your photography stand out from others. The wrinkles on an old lady’s face, wagon wheels leaning up against each other and the view of mountains from a helicopter are all examples of textures, patterns and depth that will be taught at a San Luis Obispo photography school.

After completing schooling at a San Luis Obispo photography school you can do a wide range of careers in photography.

You can become a wedding photographer with a San Luis Obispo photography school education. A wedding photographer would go to weddings and take creative pictures of the bride and groom. They would also take imaginative pictures of the wedding cake and guests. The photographs would portray the happiest day of many people’s lives.

Nature photography is another career you can pursue with an education from a San Luis Obispo photography school. This includes underwater, wildlife and landscape photography. Capturing the beauty of nature and turning what would otherwise be everyday sights into extraordinary photographs.
If you are into space and telescopes, astrophotography is a career you can go after with a completed education from a San Luis Obispo photography school. Astrophotography is the art of taking pictures in space and through a telescope. You will have the opportunity to see the universe with this exciting career.

Love fashion? Pursue a career in fashion photography with schooling at a San Luis Obispo photography school. Take pictures of models for their portfolios or for ads in magazines. Watch exciting fashion shows as you get to snap photographs of the latest styles.

Aerial photography is a great career that you can jump into after education from a San Luis Obispo photography school. Fly in helicopters and planes as you take photos of beautiful mountains. Watch the lights in the dark of a glowing city in the distance with this career.

Another career that can be sought with schooling from a San Luis Obispo photography school is forensic photography. This is the science of using light and other elements to capture images that can later be analyzed for things like fingerprints, blood spatter patterns and even luminol glows. You can use this complex and intriguing element of photography to solve crimes and bring criminals to justice.

A San Luis Obispo photography school can lead you to a wide range of career possibilities. They can take you from a novice to a master of the grand and noble art of capturing light.


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