An industrial designer touches every part of our lives. They study the function and form of products to make them aesthetically pleasing, more user-friendly, and to fulfill the consumers needs, wants, and expectations of the product. They are not only engineers but artists as well. They use 3D software and CAD programs to design everyday products that consumers use, some notable ones are the Ipod, the Coke bottle and the Jeep.

     To start a career in industrial design you would need to attend a college or university that offers a Bachelor degree in Applied Technology.

     San Luis Obispo, California offers the “#1 best undergraduate program in the nation” in industrial design according to US News and World Report. That school is California Polytechnic State University.
In researching San Luis Obispo industrial design schools I found a well-known gem in California Polytechnic.

     California Polytechnic located in San Luis Obispo is located on a 6000-acre main campus that is minutes from the beautiful beaches of California. It is a nationally ranked college, with 18,000+ students.
The average temperature is 70 degrees and the campus has beautiful, eye-catching farms, botanical gardens, and hiking trails.

     The California Polytechnic industrial design program is ideal in that it offers a hands on approach with real world projects stressing learning by doing, which is the best way to learn in my opinion. They have the most modern, up to date labs and equipment and when students graduate they are highly sought after and ready to enter the workforce. Their faculty is award winning and intent on helping the students become their best.

     Being a student at California Polytechnic State University in industrial design you will learn mechanics and electronics, computer programming, materials science, math and statistics, physics, chemistry, and biology, and technical writing. Students will be trained in oral communications, fine arts, ethics and philosophy, writing and literature, social issues and historical perspective, personal development and economics. You will do projects designing prototypes and plans for new products and services. Students will have opportunities to do internships and independent study projects. One such example is Polyhouse where students and faculty over two weekends tore down and rebuilt a house for an elderly disabled person.

The industrial design students at California Polytechnic have done projects such as the Baja race car, the SAE formula car, and the Cubesat Satellite Launcher. They have actual work experience being summer interns working for such companies as Solar Turbines in San Diego and Toyota in Long Beach.

California Polytechnic industrial design graduates are employed in top notch companies throughout the United States such as Boeing, Microsoft, and Adidas.

     In doing research to find San Luis Obispo industrial design schools I have found California Polytechnic State University to be the ideal place not only for school but environment as well. San Luis Obispo was first incorporated in 1856 and is located midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It has a population of around 45,000 and is near California’s world famous beaches as well as nearby cities for the urban dweller. It is such a quintessential spot that many students stay on long after their studies are done.


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