Have you been searching for the right place to nurture talent and creativity in fine arts and not found the right school?  Perhaps you have not yet looked at the possibilities available in San Louis Obispo fine art schools in the beautiful state of California.

There are many reasons to consider your education in fine arts here.  San Louis Obispo is located on California’s central coast with a vibrant life all uniquely its own.  The climate is mild Mediterranean year round.  A mix of old and new architecture, scenic beaches, parks, and mountains contribute greatly to inspiration necessary to anyone pursing education at fine art schools.

San Louis Obispo offers much more than just fine art schools and formal education.  The student can find a very active lifestyle in this small town of about 45,000; it is definitely not boring.  There will be no worries about gaining the “Freshman 15”.  In addition to exceptional recreational opportunities, browse upcoming events courtesy of San Louis Obispo Chamber of Commerce.

There are two great colleges for older students desiring a fine art school education and degree.  Younger students at San Louis Obispo schools have programs in music, drama and radio/TV production that can assist in later choices of college and career.  Private businesses offer fine arts classes in dance, theater, guitar, and much more.

Cuesta College (San Louis Obispo Community College District).  Cuesta College is a good choice for students not ready to commit to a four-year Bachelor’s degree in fine art, still discerning a career, or learning more skills during a current career.  This is a good start to find your real passion and ability for a future career.

Cuesta offers various fine art courses in Art, Culinary Arts, Dance, Drama, Fashion Design and Music.  Degrees available for award range from among A.A., C.S. to C.A.  Students desiring their own business with a fine art background might also want a degree in, or specific courses in Business Administration.

Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo Campus location is:  Hwy. 1, San Luis Obispo, CA  93403-8106, (805) 546-3100, or http://www.cuesta.edu on the internet.

Students who can more closely pinpoint the courses that will enhance their abilities will want to look at California Polytechnic.  It is possible to achieve a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree there.  This state university specializes in three specific areas of study in fine art.

Students will need to choose among Photography/Digital Imaging, Studio Art or Graphic Design.  Each of these particular specialties fit into career paths that can overlap, but really are better suited to obtaining work directly related to the major course offered at California Polytechnic.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree:  Photography/Digital Imaging graduates can find work in fields such as advertising illustration, fashion or multimedia and video communication.  Employment in Graphic Design can range from web site design to hard copy magazine art.  Muralist and theater set design are among employment possibilities for graduates of Studio Art.

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 (805) 756-1111 or http://www.calpoly.edu/ on the internet.  The Catalog for Colleges and Programs http://www.calpoly.edu/colleges_programs.html#_colleges


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