Are you considering a career in building? Engineer programs are one of the leading programs in colleges. Getting a degree in Engineering will also include CAD/Drafting design. With this program, Engineers can use a unique software to aid in their building plans. With the world moving more toward digital technology, CAD/Drafting design is an excellent choice for a career. You can also use your own creative ideas to create impressive building designs.

CAD/Drafting is a computer based design program that enables the Engineer, builder or contractor to create 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional designs from small homes to large commercial buildings on the computer instead of the traditional way of drawing the images by hand. The design program also gives a detailed analysis of the entire structure which may include materials and cost.

This program will teach you how to construct a computer generated building that you can add or remove features, rooms or change the look in general. This is a faster way of creating and looking at different design features.

Most CAD programs are Windows based but some programs will require a Unix system. A good graphics card as well as a large hard drive will be needed due to the large amount of data in the software program itself. The use of a special mouse is required unless you prefer the pointer pen.

Students who major in Engineering and/or CAD/Drafting will generally work for building contractors and also earn a very good wage, which makes it one of the leading programs in colleges and universities for men and women alike. In many places, a graduate can earn $60-80,000 per year as a starting wage. In addition to architectural design, CAD/Drafting graduates can also use their newfound skills in topography or land analysis, oil exploration and mapping. Searching for oil, land surveys, mapping out the formations of land are just a few of the other categories you could work in. In fact, there are actually many areas of work that require CAD/Drafting experience.

Attending one of the San Luis Obispo CAD Drafting Schools, located in California, students can choose to take the CAD/Drafting program with their Engineering degree or if you are already in the building business, take the course by itself to further enhance your business needs and features. San Luis Obispo CAD Drafting Schools feature programs that are cost saving in that you will be able to see and purchase products in a more accurate measurement.

San Luis Obispo CAD Drafting Schools include Cuesta College and California Polytechnic State University (PolyCal), and both have very good CAD/Drafting Programs. 

Cuesta College is a Junior College and is ranked as one of the most prestigious junior colleges in the country. California Polytechnic State University is one of the top Universities in America and has a world class CAD/Drafting program.

Attending college at one of the San Luis Obispo CAD Drafting Schools is a win-win situation. Not only will you receive an award winning education, but the scenery and climate in California is not to be outdone. Be sure to research San Luis Obispo CAD Drafting programs at the various colleges before you make a final decision in your education. You will not regret it.


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