Audio Production Schools in the San Luis Obispo are uniquely able to meet the job training needs of the sound industry in California major media markets

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, careers in audio production are a growing industry.  Despite the failing economy and corporate media mergers, jobs in audio production are expected to increase by nearly ten percent by 2016. The median income in fields related to audio production is around $43k a year. These jobs require special schooling and that means attending an institution of learning that offers course work in this field.

 A small city like San Luis Obispo is probably not the first place that pops into one’s mind when one considers studying audio production.  Many people think  that large metropolitan centers are the ideal places to study.  It’s unlikely anyone interested in a job in audio production would even think of it as a prime location for entering into a career related to this field. San Luis Obispo audio production schools have plenty to offer.

Settled in the heart of California wine country, San Luis Obispo has a Mediterranean climate, plenty of activities, and an a number of audio recording studios in the area including Fast Trax, Blue Universe and Avalon Digital Recording not to mention Oddworld, a video game company  — all of which require people with audio production expertise.

San Luis Obispo audio production schools offer training in audio production and sound engineering. There are several facilities in the region:

Art Institute of California offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Audio Production and provides a solid foundation in the theory of sound and practice of audio production with courses in sound recording and post-production as well as computer-based audio software and courses in studio business management.

Cuesta College offers classes in audio production and advanced audio production which requires course work in the theory and practice of audio techniques in radio, television, film and multimedia, training in sound mixing and digital sound editing with Pro Tools as well as plenty of hands-on experience working at the campus radio station KGUR 105.3 FM.

Expression College for Digital Arts provides practical training in audio production. Their sound arts department gives students a wide ranges of skills whether it’s creating a ringtone, mixing a record or developing sound for a video game. Students work with both analog and digital equipment and get a strong background in the fundamentals of sound theory as well as experience with advanced editing techniques.

Future Rhythm is a noted audio production training school in the region with an international reputation. It offers individual classes in sound production and computer-aided digital sound editing.

Graduates from San Luis Obispo audio production schools can find work in the film, TV, and music industries as well as in theater, the publishing (audio books), video game and software industries. Because these training facilities offer similar course work, it may matter less where a prospective student studies as it does where the school is located. San Luis Obispo is centrally located midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco — two of the biggest media markets in the United States.  As such, San Luis Obispo’s geographical location offers great potential for personal and professional growth.


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