San Luis Obispo Art Management Schools

San Luis Obispo, California is the perfect place to obtain your Art Management (also called Art Administration) degree.  In today’s society there are a proliferation of entertainers wanting management, performers and companies needing a head for business and even non profits looking to benefit from backstage knowledge and commerce knowledge.  This degree can get you hands-on work with artists, promoters, producers and others ingrained in the art society.  An Art Management degree combines accounting, business, finances, computer use and, of course, arts and entertainment classes. The skills taught are deeply desired by a multitude of employers, including but not limited to: state and local art councils, foundations, film companies, symphony orchestras, marketing firms, fund raising groups, public relation firms, art galleries, museums, even record and TV companies, not to mention with the artists themselves. Cuesta College, in bucolic San Luis Obispo, is one of the schools offering this new field of study that could be just what you are looking for.
Established in 1963, Cuesta College is the proud receiver of the Silver Medal Eureka Award for Quality and Service Excellence.  Their Art(s) management degree has a curriculum filled with educational excellence and their student services are above reproach.  Combined with the exceptional instruction is a myriad of public events involving the school.  These allow even freshmen an early, valuable networking experience.  Being out in the real world of San Luis Obsipo brings your approaching career even closer to realization.  You will be astounded at what the world is looking for out there and what it is wanting more and more is someone with an Art Management degree. The atmosphere of California imbues SLO with a stimulating environment that is conducive to connecting and learning, growing and earning. Fueled by the internet, blown up by the public’s need of entertainment, careers in Art Management are booming.

Both Newsweek and BusinessWeek have recently published articles decrying the need for competent arts managers. The market for the skills learned in an Art Management degree is growing in leaps and bounds and you can be one of the lucky ones in the field by earning your degree in beautiful San Luis Obispo, or SLO to the locals. As an art manager you can help artists develop and live their dream while being involved in the exciting world of art and entertainment. You will hone the knowledge and skills to work behind the scenes in galleries, museums even television. While earning your degree many students intern for record companies, performing arts companies or television stations, teaching them the ins and outs of working with artists and in the art field. 
San Luis Obispo is an ideal place to learn.  Weather that never gets below 40 degrees and rarely above 76 permits biking, hiking and outdoor activities year round.  Nightlife abounds and a bevy of galleries and museums are all within your reach. Does working inside the arts and entertainment industry sound amazing to you?  Then check out San Luis Obispo for an Art Management school and join the SLO folks for a great ride!

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