Want to Study Advertising? Consider Schools in San Luis Obispo, CA.

One area of business enjoying growth and offering numerous career opportunities even in the recession is the world of advertising. The phenomenal growth of the web in recent years has opened up whole new fields in advertising and schools are offering new courses to help fill the demands from businesses for these new skills.

Advertising is about producing and transmitting commercial messages across various forms of media. It’s about marketing new products and raising awareness of familiar ones. It includes facets like: web design, graphic design, page layout and storyboarding. Many schools offer degrees in advertising involving both coursework and internships.

Some aspects of advertising, such as web design, require new skills. This means many companies are looking at portfolios being produced by students and employing direct from schools. The careers that are opened up by a degree are not only directly in the advertising world, but also in areas like film or fashion, where web or graphic designers are keenly sought. You could be working towards a post as Art Director or Creative Director within only a few years of graduating from your school.

When considering location, an area that borders a main business centre for your chosen career, offers a good selection of schools with degrees in aspects of advertising and a stunning lifestyle would be ideal.

One such place is San Luis Obispo in California. Amongst rolling hills, but adjacent to California’s Central Coast, San Luis Obispo is roughly equidistant from Los Angeles and San Francisco. Randolph Hearst so loved this area he chose it to build Hearst Castle. There are art and film festivals here and San Luis Obispo county has been home to the Chumash Indians for eighty centuries.

Schools offering degrees on elements of advertising in San Luis Obispo include the California Polytechnic State University, a nationally ranked public school, which offers degree programs in marketing.  Of other local schools; Cuesta College also features marketing and Laurus College includes web design in its courses.

The local schools are not the only reason for picking San Luis Obispo as a location. The town itself is delightful, with many restaurants, often serving locally grown wines. The presence of Cal Poly and its 18,000 students in the town ensures that evenings in San Luis Obispo have a  lively atmosphere, but if you need to get away from all that there are miles of white sandy beaches nearby and many opportunities for hiking or cycling into the hills.

If you yearn for the big city, Los Angeles and San Francisco can be reached via route 101, each being some 200 miles away from San Luis Obispo. Bachelor of Arts degrees in advertising are available from several schools near Los Angeles in particular. For those, however, who prefer being away from that urban sprawl, without being far enough from them to give up the educational opportunities or the career possibilities that abound there; San Luis Obispo town and county may be the ideal place to consider looking for your school.

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