As Computer Aided Drafting technology plays a vital role in almost all technical fields, there is a huge demand for talented CAD designers and drafters .

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is an art of designing and drafting which is basically a representation of something to be constructed, with the aid of computer software. CAD Design and Drafting uses computer software processes to produce artistic two dimensional or three dimensional plans of the representations of the buildings, houses, products, mechanical parts or structures to be constructed.Earlier to computer evolution, drafting employed the method of free-hand drawing which lacked the details and which was done on paper. But with Computer Aided Design (CAD) this task is being accomplished with ease requiring very little hardship from the designers and drafters. It allows the designers and drafters to try different scenarios than what could be done on paper with thereby replacing the traditional way of drawing.

CAD with its numerous design choices helps designers and drafters to have excellent quality in creating the detailed two or three dimensional models of physical objects such as office buildings, houses etc.,more vivid visual representations that exhibits their ideas in color graphics. In addition to accurate designs, it helps designers, architects and drafters to deal with blueprints, called Schematics .It also makes designing a less time consuming process. Various design representations prepared by CAD drafters are then provided to the business owners, contractors or clients making construction much easier.

An education in Drafting and Computer Aided Design Technology enables a candidate to have the technical knowledge and skills for accomplishing visual representations expressed in spoken words which are needed to perform the duties of a professional CAD operator in a variety of fields such as Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil engineering design teams as CAD drafters, detailers, estimators or design drafters. For those who are interested in the career of CAD Drafting and Design Technology, engineering courses from an accredited College, School or university are available worldwide. Also, some technical institutes and community colleges offer Certification programs in CAD drafting and design. San Francisco is known for its tourism, fashion, technology research and development. It is a coastal city located in northern California with over 35 colleges and universities. Many of these schools offer CAD Architecture and Design programs.

The following is a guide to select the best Graphic Design and CAD Drafting Schools and Colleges in San Francisco:

1. The Art Institutes offer Graphic Design Education Program with Available Qualifications in Coursework/ Diploma/ Non-Degree – General/ Associate/ Bachelor/ Certificate.

2. Academy of Art College offers The BFA Graphic Design Education Program which involves Visual Communication.

3. San Francisco Art Institute offers Design and technology courses in animation, composting, digital audio, video, photography and illustration.

4. Digital Sound Objects; Electricity and Electronics for Artists; and 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Animation Curriculum.

If classroom is not the type of environment for you, with Illustration schools developing all over the country, San Francisco Illustration schools offer programs on graphic illustration, digital illustration, sequential art, Graphic Design illustration.Silicon Valley College offers Associate Degree program in Architectural Design Drafting.Here is the list for some online schools:

1. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers Associate or Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design.

2. American Intercontinental University offers Bachelors Degree (BFA) in Web Design, Visual Communication and Digital Design.

3. Westwood College offers Associate or Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia.

Visit, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for more detailed information regarding the technical institutes and community college programs for CAD drafting and design technology.


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