Sunny California offers its residents a lot more than beautiful weather and a great tan; the truly creative and ambitious can create a viable career at the many reputable San Diego fashion design schools.

These schools aren’t for any old slouch either. If you’re accepted at one of San Diego’s popular and prestigious fashion design schools you can expect to be surrounded by tomorrow’s rising stars. These are the people that make Hollywood (and the rest of the world) shine. Maybe you already have a plan.

Maybe you want to start a high-end children’s line, be a stylist for the stars, or work merchandising for some of the world’s biggest brands. Chances are you’ve already seen how tough the industry can be. The surest way to get an inside edge is with an education, and San Diego fashion design schools offer some of the best fashion management, design, merchandising, and marketing programs in the country. Whether you want to be seen or stick behind the scenes, San Diego’s fashion design schools have a program for you. With so many options available to potential students, it’s important to know where you want to start your career. Do you want a two year degree, a four year degree, or a specialized certification? Each school has its own unique offerings. Some traditional universities offer Bachelor’s programs that incorporate the many fashion design fields.

In these programs, you can expect to take classes outside your specialty in the school’s attempt to endow all of its students with a well-rounded education. If however you want to stick strictly to fashion, consider one of the specialized San Diego fashion design schools. These schools pass up the core curriculum in favor of concentrated courses that focus on individual fashion elements. Other factors to consider when looking at fashion design schools are staff, cost, connections, and convenience.

Never underestimate the staff! You’ll be spending hours with these people, and they’ll be shaping your skills and outlook making positive student reviews something to look for. While cost is not an issue many people like to discuss, for many students it’s the determining factor behind what’s practical. Fortunately, many different aid and scholarship programs exist to help students realize their dreams and get the education that they need.

Connections are huge in the fashion industry; getting in good with big names early can put you on the path to success. It’s hard to make connections in the real world, but at San Diego fashion design schools you’ll have constant access to powerful professionals through your staff, alumni associations, and internships. Finally, convenience is also important to many students-especially non-traditional adult students. Determine in advance which schools offer flexible class schedules, night courses, or internet learning. All of these options can help you to accelerate your education while maintaining a normal working life.

If you drool over every issue of Vogue or Tivo every episode of Project Runway and are dying to be a part of the fashion scene, then San Diego fashion design schools can help you to land the career of your dreams.


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