San Diego architecture schools provide state of the art facilities and educational enrichment for innovative, creative, and critical thinking individuals and the architectural schools are situated in an area filled with diversity as well as social and political frameworks.

Leading San Diego architectural schools include Woodbury University which boasts an impressive and rich history. Facilities include a well resourced library focusing on the art and urbanisation of architecture. Another leading architectural school includes The New School of Architecture and design which offers various degrees from a basic bachelor of architecture which is a 5 year programme followed by practical training. Graduates with this degree will be registered with the National Architectural Accrediting Board.

Other degrees include a bachelor of arts in architecture for those seeking a broader learning experience and wishing to combine art and structure. This serves as a pre-professional degree and following this, learners must do a masters degree to become registered and licensed as an architect if this is the field they still wish to pursue or they can pursue other degrees in art or design.

Architectural learning and training includes a host of interesting courses such as design and aesthetic history, whilst practicals include developing structures, building mechanical systems, electrical systems and construction. San Diego architectural schools are situated in a city that provides excellent hands on experience for learners due to its fantastic Mediterranean to semi-arid climate that displays dry summers, mild winters and very little temperature variation throughout the year thereby taking out door learning to a new level. San Diego is also fast becoming an environmental institution of learning and its rapid urbanisation allows learners to decipher its complexity.

San Diego is also the 9th largest U.S city located along the Pacific Ocean and exhibits breath taking beaches and the city itself is filled with culture as demonstrated by its annual festivals and fairs as well as its renowned theatres and museums. Learners attending San Diego architectural schools will find transportation a breeze as the city boasts a good public transportation service and offers safe bicycle routes throughout the city.

The nature and ease of the city from entertainment to education provides a perfect and balanced student life. Graduates from San Diego architectural schools need not be concerned about employment as a myriad of career opportunities are available and coupled with graduates ability to apply creative vision, represent ideas and well refined research and design capabilities that they will attain, they can seek employment as an architect for a professional firm or opportunities in architectural consulting, high-end retail commercial building, architectural journalism, historic preservation, city planning, architectural design, landscape planning, and academic research are available and those are only to name a few! Those with a more artistic flare can explore their options in the field of design, model design and art.

Both Woodbury University and The New School of Architecture and Design offer a career platform for their graduates by seeking out employment on graduates’ behalf and assisting in résumé compilation and distribution, thus allowing a secure future for professional graduates. San Diego architectural schools provide innovation and are at the fore front of learning in the field of architecture and design.


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