The emergence of the internet has made working as an artist one of the most viable careers in the market today. For those looking to get a degree in multimedia or web design there are several schools that offer these, such as; San Antonio College, Texas State University and Northwest Vista College.

The outlook for web developers, designers and multimedia artists is only expected to get better in the next few years. Careers in these program areas are expected to increase by about 26 percent through 2016. This growth is much faster than the average due to a high demand for programs and designs that are faster and more efficient..

It is estimated that more than half of the artists in these areas are self-employed. Students who receive a degree in multimedia and web design are easily able to do freelance work. However, there is also the option to work in the advertising, public relations, marketing, game design, and 3D design industries. Jobs are increasingly becoming available with internet service providers as well as internet consulting firms who are becoming more involved in the website hosting business.

Let’s face it. The internet is popular. It has become the widest used tool for connecting, sharing, and doing commerce. Even during the current economic crisis, ecommerce retail growth has been growing at a higher rate than brick-and mortar businesses.

San Antonio has many schools available to the student looking for a career in multimedia and web design.
Northwest Vista College and San Antonio college both offer students an Associate of Arts Degree in these program areas. Students can then obtain a Bachelor degree at Texas State University.

TSU specifically offers a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Communications Technology. This program prepares students to fine tune their web design, illustration, advertising, art direction, marketing, typography and graphic design skills needed to perform the various jobs associated with multimedia and web design.
Focus in these areas will help students get the well-rounded education necessary to excel in these fields.

San Antonio college provides a two-year Associate of Arts Degree in multimedia and web design. This degree allows students to begin working in their field of interest, and provides the basic education requirement to continue education at a four-year college. Also, the college provides a Continuing Education Training program, which is sometimes essential as new programs and techniques are developed. They also offer online classes for the busy professional. Their online options include various levels of basic web design, Dreamweaver and FrontPage training.

Northwest Vista College offers a wide range of options for artists. A degree in Digital Gaming allows graduates to work in the media-film-game industry, modeling and simulation industry. Animation is an area of multimedia design that is increasing in demand every year. Graduates can also go on to receive a Bachelors of Applied Science or Applied Technology Degree. The Multimedia Specialist Program at the school provides training in digital imaging, graphic design, digital sound, digital video, web development, media authoring and 3D animation. There are also many options for the student interested in web design at Northwest Vista.

Students that participate in the programs at these schools will find they have the diverse set of skills necessary to pursue a career in multimedia and web design, while also having a continued education available to them after graduation.

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