Students looking for a leading school in graphic design need look no further than San Antonio, Texas. A form of visual communication, graphic design presents itself within multiple facets of our daily lives, email advertisements, commodity packaging, business logos, magazines, T.V advertisements, the list is endless. Competitiveness within the business is at an all time high, resulting in employers seeking out the best academically qualified candidates to fill empty positions. For this reason Schools within the San Antonio region have designed their graphic design courses around your needs. The high impact method of communication produced by a graphic designer is delivered through the combination of artistic qualities and the integration of modern technologies. There are many individual niches within the area of graphic design. For a designer to reach their optimal level of potential they need to acquire a thorough understanding of each individual tool and how to distinguish which methods are best applied to specific projects. By perfecting this skill they will ensure future success within the employment arena.

Schools within San Antonio offer a broad spectrum of educational options from short certificates to professional Associate degree programs. Certificates are a fantastic way for any hopeful designer to test their talents before committing to a 3-5 year degree route. Any industry drive professional would be advised to study the degree path. An Associate Degree obtained in San Antonio guarantees to prepare students for entry level positions within the design world. Each member of school staff is all adequately trained with previous “industry” experience. Textbook learning is strengthened trough practical “in field” work placements. Class sizes are small with classrooms being modern and well equipped, allowing for a dynamic learning experience. The school encourages personal and professional growth.

Career services are provided to students close to graduation helping them polish their portfolios, perfect their interviewing skills and obtain graduate employment. San Antonio, presently the eighth largest city in the U.S provides the prime location to seek employment after graduation. Positions at entry level are available within advertising, web design, media design or large companies with small design teams working as junior designers. After only a few years of experience designers usually progress up the career level to more senior positions, it is not unusual to find designers working within positions of management or entering the world of freelance after only 4-5 years experience. San Antonio provides excellent educational options for future students along with an array of fantastic leisure time activities. The city manages to combine the ethnicity of past historical features while combining the cosmopolitan feel of a modern day city. Museums, theaters, galleries and cultural centers are plentiful and provide a great location to gain artistic inspiration. Retail therapy is abundant and varied from small local boutiques to popular high street names. With the large cultural influences of Spanish, German, French, Asian and other nationalities, festivals and events are a regular occurrence throughout the year. Dining is varied and ranges from tight budget dinners to the art of finer dining. Clubs located in the downtown area will allow you and new found school friends to dance the nights away in style. Bars are located around the city and are an ideal choice for quieter low key evenings.

If you believe you have what it takes to become a top graphic designer, allow a graphic design school in San Antonio to provide you with a cutting edge education, helping you succeed in your dreams.


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