Considering a career in the entertainment industry? Aspiring filmmakers who live in Texas need not relocate out-of-state to learn their craft. San Antonio film schools offer aspiring filmmakers solid study opportunities without the need to immediately relocate to California.

Not all film schools offer uniform course work. The focus of film schools can vary widely, so it’s important to for students to anticipate possible career choices before they choose a film school. Some schools focus more on the video aspects of film making, others place more focus on the audio component.

Prospective students in the San Antonio area who are interested in careers in the film industry do not need to sacrifice a quality education by pursuing their studies close to home. The Film School of San Antonio @ Harlandale is a notable example of a program that combines outstanding coursework taught by key industry professionals. As part of their studies, students at The Film School of San Antonio @ Harlandale have the opportunity to create and produce several films.

The International Academy of Design and Technology is another arts program that offers future filmmakers the opportunity to study several collaborative art forms in film study including video production, visual effects, and audio production.

Regardless of which of the San Antonio film schools students choose, typical career advice given to accounting or psychology majors applies equally well to film students. Try to secure an internship while in school. The valuable hands-on experience and contacts you gain during an internship can make your career transition following graduation go much more smoothly. Consider skipping spring break in a tropical climate and spend that time interning.

The movie industry represents a multibillion-dollar industry, and this industry is typically free of negative influence during times of economic downturn. Consumers willingly forgo many types of luxuries during tough economic times, but going to the movies is one indulgence many consumers refuse to go without. This allows the movie industry to thrive even when other segments of the economy are negatively affected.

San Antonio is consistently ranked as an affordable place to live by various independent measures. The cost of living is significantly lower than many other metropolitan areas in the U.S. San Antonio offers the convenience of an urban area without the accompanying high price tag. This aspect is helpful for students who intend to move to the Hollywood area after graduation. Saving money while pursuing their studies can allow film students the opportunity to budget wisely to plan for an eventual move to the West Coast.

Don’t allow the allure of instant riches to heavily influence your career path. Filmmakers can earn a comfortable salary with many earning six figures. Movie filmmakers tend to earn more, in some cases double, than filmmakers in other areas. Careers in filmmaking allow creative individuals to pursue their passion as an integral part of keeping millions of consumers entertained. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker living in the San Antonio area, it’s possible to pursue your studies at the above film schools prior to relocating to the LA area.


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