San Antonio could possibly be the best location to study the glamorous profession of fashion design. As the city effortlessly combines the cosmopolitan feel of a modern city with the heritage and history from time gone by, it provides the perfect location for artistic expression.

Fashion design has become a highly competitive industry over the past decade with employers now seeking up-and-coming designers who possess not only design talent, and fashion flair, but also a solid educational background, preferably to degree level. Schools within San Antonio are aware of the immense pressures facing new designers and so have created their fashion design programs around your needs. An untrained onlooker may believe that design success lies solely within the ability to distinguish the ‘hot’ from the ‘not’ on the red carpet.

Industry professionals understand that there is far more to the compelling world of fashion design. Intricate technical skills, theoretical knowledge, artistic qualities coupled with determination, ambition and innovation all set the basis for any designer. San Antonio provides a school with an outstanding reputation of producing high level, industry prepared fashion professionals. Their Associate and Bachelor degree programs guarantee a constant high level of excellence.

Tutors are of an impeccable standard with previous industry experience. Classrooms are state-of-the-art containing new modern technologies used within the business. Learning is strengthened through the amalgamation of textbook theories, with in class practical work and structured work placements, allowing students to test their talents under the watchful eyes of mentors whilst networking. The school offers a facility for career services which assists those close to graduating in polishing their portfolios, acquiring internships, applying for their first fashion job, perfecting interviewing skills, and developing a professional resume.

Presently the eighth largest city within the U.S, San Antonio will be the prime location to seek employment after graduation. Entry level positions may be gained within a variety of niches from fashion design or merchandising to retail management. Those who decide to enter the world of design have the choice to work within a variety of sectors costume, fashion, apparel, shoes and accessories design are all viable choice for graduates to choose from. After gaining relevant industry experience, developing a strong portfolio and building a strong network of contacts, designers may choose to enter the world of freelance San Antonio offers something for students and tourists alike within their spare time.

Parks, museums, theaters and galleries all provide the perfect locations to break away from crazy study periods. Retail therapy is plentiful and where better to gain inspiration than from one of San Antonio’s exquisite local boutiques. The strong blend of international cultures ensures a wide variety of festivals and events throughout the year. Eateries are varied and plentiful, from tasty Tex-Mex, flavorsome French food, or great German dishes to Indian, Greek, and Oriental and good old American diners. Clubs, bars and discos will allow you and new found school friends to dance the night away. For a more relaxing evening try catching a movie or chilling out with a live air show. The options are endless.

If you believe you have what it takes to succeed within the world of fashion design, allow a leading fashion design school within San Antonio to put you on the right path to success.

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