Dive into Cutting edge Audio Production Courses right here in Sacramento.

Exciting new career training options in the fast evolving field of Audio Production in Sacremento, California.

There are certain careers that you can just jump into, and some that you just can’t. Telemarketer, yes. Neurosurgeon, no.  So what do you do if you live in Sacramento and your passion is audio production, but you need special training to help you nab your dream job? Well, Sacramento, you’re not just the capital city of California any more. There are several cutting edge audio production courses and degrees offered right here in your own backyard.

Sacramento City College offers an Associate in Arts Degree and Certificate of Achievement in Audio Production. Once in the program, students can sub-specialize in Commercial Music with an Audio production emphasis, designed as an introductory preparation for employment in audio engineering in professional recording studios , smaller electronic oriented demo production studios, and the fast growing area of audio specialist in multi-media post-production for corporate audio-visual departments. The Audio Production Program offers such diverse courses from Introduction to American Popular Music to Studio Mixdown Techniques and Semiconductor Theory.

For those who are still undecided as to which aspect of multimedia to go into, the new, glitzy Art Institute of California-Sacramento has a comprehensive Associate of Science degree in web design and interactive media, which encompasses drawing and design, digital image manipulation, interactive media design, scriptwriting, sound, video and animation.

Just a short drive away in Emeryville, Expression College for Digital Arts offers a  fast evolving, hands on  Sound Arts Program , which prepares students for  music recording, engineering, audio post -production for film and television, video games, live sound, MIDI production, studio management, and multi-media non-linear editing.

Know that you love audio production but you’re only  still in high school? No problem. The Sacramento City Unified School District offers a 180 hour course for students interested in the radio and television industries, who  will learn to create and manage both audio and visual media. They will study various aspects of media including communication, the history of radio and television, news gathering, marketing and advertising and the ethical use of recorded material. This course is aligned to career technical education standards and is a concentrator course in the Media Production Pathway.

For the lazy at heart, Berklee, Audiocourses.com, musicproducerpro.com, and the omnipresent DeVry all offer online audio production courses that you can take while sipping coffee in your pajamas.

A graduate from an audio production program will be skilled in the concepts of studio recording, as well as live sound. Individuals will have the ability to begin work  in specialized fields, such as audio production business management, audio technical work in radio, television, film or theatre. The acquired skill set also opens doors to consulting positions, record production, music publishing, sound system installation, or work in a record company.

The audio production field is evolving so rapidly  that new jobs are being created on  a constant, everyday basis. Whether you are just starting out, or ready for a career jump into a fast paced, exciting career, audio production right here in Sacramento is a viable option for all.


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