Architects paint the face of any city, big or small. It’s the architect who decides the look and feel of a city. Be it apartments, offices, studios, multiplexes – architectural planning is a must and there is no death of jobs for the architects. If there is a construction in action, you will always find architects working in sync with the engineering team right from planning through execution.

Sounds interesting? Being an architect is a beautiful blend of creativity and mathematical precision. It is like an artist and a mathematician and an engineer, all rolled into one! Great architectures go straight into the history books like the English architecture or the classical Indian architecture. Demand for architects in today’s world is so high that 1 in every 5 qualified architectural professionals opt for self employment.

Percentage of self employment in architecture profession is twice in comparison to any other professional occupations. A good architecture school teaches you three dimensional visualization of structures and shapes and the role of design and development with an eye toward our environment and its conservation. Architecture schools motivate the students to innovate and foster new ideas and areas of application.

Architecture is not about creating and designing dwelling spaces, offices and buildings. It is about creating a harmony between man and nature. You can also select your area of specialization in architecture and design with special focus on urban design, landscape architecture and other such specializations. Now that we know about the role of architecture and related areas of study, the next question that arises is finding good architecture schools. How about a drive to Sacramento? Sacramento is the capital city of California which came into existence during the original California gold rush. Ideally located in the central valley of California and home to many distribution and manufacturing industries, the city has diverse population and good education system.

Whether you are looking to pursue a career in architecture or have a passion for architecture, Sacramento offers a lot of programs on architecture through colleges, professional organizations and museums too. If you are new to architecture, Sacramento architecture schools offers 5 years bachelor degree programs to cover the course from ground up. If you are having a professional undergraduate degree in architecture you can pursue 2 years masters program of specialization in architecture.

If you are keen to switch professional streams, you can join 4 years masters degree program in architecture that constitutes pre-professional degree program followed by the professional graduate degree program. Completion of these two programs in succession is considered as an architectural profession oriented education.

If architectural engineering fascinates you, there are architecture schools in Sacramento offering foundation course in engineering, a course on construction with material selection fundamentals adopting new techniques and procedures. Architectural design implementation, change in climate considerations, research into critical concepts and material usage forms the core course in the above mentioned programs.

Make your move today, you can change the way the world looks. Dare to change the world; head for Sacramento schools of architecture, a world of opportunity awaits you.


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