Sacramento animations schools allow you to study animation, graphic design, web design, and much more.  See what career you can obtain.

If you dream of a career in the animation industry then Sacramento animation schools offer some of the best programs in the US.  In order to participate in an animation degree program you should have a passion for animation and a great imagination. 

Sacramento animation schools have an excellent reputation for multimedia and web design.  Sacramento is the capital of the state of California and is in fact also the world headquarters for software, research, and development activities.  Before looking at the Sacramento animation schools that you can choose from, let’s first take an overall look at what animation is and what you will be studying.

What is Animation?

Animation is essentially the creation of drawings.  These can be done by hand or computer generated.  Animated drawings are used to produce the appearance of movement and are used in the production of movies, advertisements, and web design and development.  Individuals who study and successfully obtain a degree in animation are known as animators or cartoonists.

What Does An Animation Study Program Include?

When you decide to study animation in one of the Sacramento animation schools, you will learn about the creation of multimedia animation, visual effects, and web design.  You get to create anything you want and your imagination is the key. 

It is a well known fact, that the multimedia industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and by studying in one of the Sacramento animation schools you could be well on your way to joining this industry. 

The internet and in particular the launch of Web 2.0 has greatly improved the advances in the multimedia and animation arena.  Pencil and paper is now being replaced with computer animation programs and flash animation software.  Animation is being incorporated into web design and much more and with a qualification from one of the Sacramento animation schools you will have a wide range of job opportunities available.  Who knows, you could even be the animator for the next Disney or Pixar movie.  The options are endless.

Studying at one of the Sacramento animation schools includes learning to work with multiple different platforms that will allow you to create not only digital animation, but interactive media, websites, and more.  You will learn how to use some of the top software including Adobe After Effects, Dream Weaver, 3D Studio Max, Anim8or, and much more.  Learning the use of these software programs is necessary and essential and you will also learn how to develop your creativeness. 

What Career Choices Are Available After Graduating From One Of The Sacramento Animation Schools?

Once you graduate from one of the Sacramento animation schools you will find that you have a world of opportunity at your finger tips.  The skills that you have learned can be used in some of the worlds fastest growing industries.  You could choose to work in the gaming industry creating graphics and animation for companies such as Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and more.  You will also have the skills and knowledge to work in the cell phone industry for companies such as Blackberry and Nokia.  You could also choose to work in the area of web design and much more.  The choice is yours to make.

The Top 3 Sacramento Animation Schools

If you have decided that animation is for you then you need to know what Sacramento animation schools there are and which ones are the best.  Listed below are the top three Sacramento animation schools that you can choose from.

American River College in Sacramento is a public college and offers a two year animation course.

California State University in Sacramento is a 4 year public institution.

Sacramento City College is a public 2 year institution.

These are the top three Sacramento animation schools, now all you have to do is find the right one for you.


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