Robert Rauschenberg (1935-2008) was an American painter and graphic artist whose early works anticipated the pop art movement. Rauschenberg studied art at the Kansas City Art Institute, Paris’ Academie Julian, and at Black Mountain College in North Carolina. In addition to paintings, Rauschenberg also produced sculptures, photography, and worked in printmaking and papermaking. He was the 1993 recipient of the National Medal of the Arts. He lived and worked in New York City and on Captiva Island, Florida.

Throughout his career, Rauschenberg worked closely in the studio with his contemporary, Jasper Johns. Together, their work was considered a part of the Neo-Dadaist movement, expressing a desire to “work in the gap between art and life.” In 1966, Rauschenberg co-founded the Experiments in Art and Technology non-profit organization, which continues to encourage collaborative efforts between artists and engineers. As a humanitarian, Rauschenberg contributed works of art for various collections, galleries, and philanthropic causes. The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation continues to raise awareness for world peace, environmental issues, and social equality, and during his lifetime, Rauschenberg sold artwork to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless. His artwork has been exhibited internationally, and he produced commission works for BMW, Life magazine, and contributed album artwork for the Talking Heads, for which he won a Grammy award in 1983.

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