For many photographers, portrait photography is the bread and butter of their income. They may enjoy doing other types of photography, but portraits are by far the most lucrative for professionals and the income earned can support other interests. To improve your skills enough to open your own studio, you might want to consider portrait photography schools.

Portraits can be of individuals, families, or groups, and can be used in personal or work settings. As a portrait photographer, you can even specialize in certain areas, such as weddings, religious events, and school functions.

When attending one of the portrait photography schools, students will learn about still imagery, and work with cameras and other professional equipment. Other skills you will develop include:

• Studio techniques to capture great images
• Darkroom techniques for development
• Uses of monochrome and color
• Uses of digital photography

Many schools combine portrait photography with other styles and cover a portion of time to this area. You will also find portrait photography schools that only teach the one style of photography.

Once you complete an education in a portrait photography school, you can find a variety of jobs. You will probably not be able to afford, or want to start your own studio, until you have some experience and have made a name for yourself. However, there are options for working with established studios. This industry can be competitive and commercial photography is often a great way to get your foot in the door.

The advantages of working for an established studio are that you will get a regular paycheck with benefits. You can often ask for a flexible schedule and even choose between a part-time and full-time position. This experience can help you move to another studio in the future, or out on your own.

In a small studio, you may need to make your own appointments and set up the equipment, as well as keep the records and train new staff. You will need to know how to work with different kinds of cameras and computers. You will also need the patience to deal with difficult customers, or children and pets that don’t like to sit still. 

You will need to know how to work with all kinds of people to get them to give you the best smile for the camera. You may even need to know how to setup on location, if the studio travels for photo sessions, and how to position people for the best effect.

While you do not need to attend any portrait photography schools to work as a photographer in a studio, it will give you an edge above your peers. In a highly competitive field that is expected to grow, you will need to stand out from other portrait photography candidates with an education that backs your skills. When you go to school for photography, you prove that you are serious about this as a career and it is not simply a hobby.

Portrait photography schools can help you gain an advantage and learn all about creating the best moments for people. Once you finish class, you will have multiple opportunities to use your new skills and may even one day be able to open your own studio and establish a name for yourself.

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