The Cool and Ever-Changing World of Graphic Design

Have you ever wished you could squeeze the creative visions out of your head and toss them all around downtown Pittsburgh?

Imagine…cruising up Forbes to the Squirrel Hill News Stand, picking up a copy of WHIRL and flipping to the pages where your photo edits tell a visual tale of  the articles they support.

Or, strolling through the Strip with friends and showing them just one of the billboards you designed and created.

Work live at KDKA-TV – setting the stage where local news and events are delivered to the homes of everyone in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Or even brand a corporation or two with your original, creative company logos.

It’s all possible with a degree in graphic design.

Now, you may be thinking a graphic designer is that crusty old guy sitting at a desk drawing and putting color swatches together for a newsletter that no one will read…fuchsia and orange – no. Aqua and purple – no. Hmmm…navy and white – YES!

Well wipe that vision out of your head and into the trash. The focus of today’s graphic designer is much broader and more exciting than you might imagine.

You see, if you like a cushy desk job but hate newsletters – and if you’ve ever taken a digital image of your dad and pasted his head on a gorilla, then you might be interested in a career in photo editing. Learn how to use Photoshop to flawlessly edit and produce mind-blowing images that are so believable even your pop will beat his chest in approval! And now, learning how to use this powerful tool has never been easier. Design schools all over Pittsburgh offer training courses and software that will give you the tools you need to get hired. Work on ads for a marketing campaign, manipulate photos for magazine and website layouts, or design billboards. With Photoshop training, the possibilities are limited only to your imagination.

Do you like movies or television? A great career in multimedia design might just be that sweet spot you need to knock a few out of the park. Design sets, costumes, props – even get into design interpretation, directing light and sound engineers on just how to support your sets to maximize their on-screen impact. You might even land a regular Saturday night gig on the Jerome Bettis Show!

You could even get paid to brand companies. Thomas James George III of Vermont is the artist who came up with a brand so recognizable it’s almost a daily part of our lives. More times than not, the simplest designs have the greatest impact on the public. His “bull’s eye” for Target stores is one such brand. Oftentimes, a specific logo will grow and change right along with the company’s growth, which certainly leads to repeat business for the artist on the job. But if you’re thinking brand design is limited to designing logos – think again. Brand identity designing can even be a full time job in itself. Some companies actually hire in-house designers who work closely with the marketing departments to develop ever-effective taglines and logos ensuring the company maintains a competitive edge in the world of visual identification.

And that’s not all – there are many other opportunities available at the graphic design schools in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. To determine which program is best suited for you, fill out the simple on-line forms at schools near you for more information.

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