These must-read photography portfolio tips can help you snag your dream job in the world of commercial photography.  Follow these photography portfolio tips, and make it easy for clients to hire you by presenting your work in the best possible light.  The stronger your professional photography portfolio is, the faster your career as a commercial photographer will grow.  To build a compelling photography portfolio, be sure to follow this pair of crucial photography portfolio tips that will guide your choices in how to present your work to a range of clients.  No matter how great your eye is, no matter how beautiful your shots are, and no matter how much you can offer a client, unless you compile your photography portfolio in a way that’s market-savvy, you won’t land the jobs you need to advance.

One of the most commonly overlooked photography portfolio tips is that it’s smart to have more than one portfolio.  If you want to make serious progress in a career in commercial photography, you’ll want a variety of portfolios that you can offer to prospective employers, each one focused on a very specific set of skills that directly relates to the job you’re pitching yourself for.  For clients who want you to do fashion work, offer a photography portfolio that highlights your fashion clips, and proves your ability to present couture beyond a shadow of a doubt.  For a job that’s all about portraiture, put together a portfolio that shows you can capture people and their personalities.  Regardless of how varied your skill set may be, all a client really wants to find out from looking at your past work is whether or not you can do their particular project well.  Although the fact that you want to have multiple portfolios, each geared towards a specific kind of work, may seem like one of the most basic photography portfolio tips, it’s one that not all of your competition will be following, which gives you an instant advantage in the job market.

As far as photography portfolio tips go, you can’t get much better advice than this: don’t just include one image from a series you’ve shot, include several.  For example, if you’re building a portfolio of nature photography, put together 5 or 6 varied shots of the same subject, such as a natural landmark or particular kind of animal.  The same photography portfolio tip applies for any kind of portfolio you’re putting together, whether it’s for fashion work, product photography, or another kind of job.  Presenting a series of multiple shots shows that within the genre of photography you’re presenting, you have the range and versatility to make a subject visually compelling in several different ways.  It shows that you have the eye for composition and the technical skills to master shooting from different angles, and at different ranges of closeness.  Seeing that in your photography portfolio tips the balance sheet in your favor by increasing the client’s sense of confidence in you.  When a prospective employer can tell that you’re able to successfully attack a subject in a variety of ways, it helps them know that you have the skills to deliver whatever they ask for.

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