Photography schools in Wisconsin offer courses in the many different aspects of photography. Typically, these photography programs are found in universities, colleges, technical schools, and art schools. Schools may have a completely separate photography department, or the courses in photography may be part of a larger art department. Programs at universities and art schools are typically geared towards the students looking to become professional photographers, though some courses can be taken by photography enthusiasts who simply want to learn more about photography.

Degrees in photography are available through two-year programs and four-year programs in Wisconsin. Four-year programs are recommended to those who are interested in becoming professional photographers and work for professional photography agencies. However, not all students need to have college degrees in order to pursue photography. A few courses in photography basics can be all that is needed for students who want to begin their careers in photography, though a degree will generally provide more employment opportunities upon completion.

Photography schools in Wisconsin will provide courses about all the different types of equipment available for a photographer. There are many different lenses and filters that can be used depending on specific conditions. Some of the most obvious choices are lenses for wide-angle shots and telephoto shots. Sometimes different filters are needed depending on the available light. The filters and lenses used in different settings can result in a variety of effects on the photographs or even produce great photographs in not-so-great conditions.

Besides the studies of traditional photography at photography schools in Wisconsin, in which film is developed from the camera, there are also studies in digital photography. This type of photography is different from traditional photography in that the “developing” of the photo is done on a computer. It is also possible to alter and modify pictures using computer software. Now, many of the same effects that can be achieved using lens filters can be done using computer programs.

When looking at the different photography schools in Wisconsin, it is important to look at what sort of classes are available. Different photography schools may have specific strengths or may not offer courses in all topics. Therefore, looking through the course catalog is an important step when choosing a school.

Aside from researching into the offered courses, it is important to investigate the photography equipment, technologies, and facilities are available to students at the school. If the school does not have a lot of equipment or if equipment is outdated, then students may not be able to practice what they have learned in class or may need to spend their own money on equipment. Well-stocked photography schools in Wisconsin mean that students probably have a much easier time learning and working on their own individual projects.

Students should also consider the faculty when looking into photography schools in Wisconsin. Students will benefit from learning from professors who are very well-experienced or who specialize in a specific style. Insightful and knowledgeable instructors are in helping students advance their fundamental skills as well as define their own styles. Graduating students can use this experience to become photographers, photojournalists, or freelancers who work for a variety of companies.


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