Whether photography is your hobby or intended career there is a Photography School in Washington that will be a perfect fit for you.

For the aspiring photographer there is no more rewarding investment than attending photography school. With the age of ‘point and shoot’ cameras upon us it is ever more important for photographers who are truly interested in the craft to understand the nuances of light and shade, of angles and composition – the technicalities involved in taking a truly great photograph.

While not all photographers have degrees in this field, most have had some form of technical training, especially those interested in the world of SLR. If you intend to make a living from your photography then learning the practicals of the trade is absolutely essential. Career paths opened up by training in photography include photojournalism, stock photography or portrait photography to name a few and there is demand in almost every industry for quality images from professional photographers.

Photography Schools in Washington

Washington has eighty one colleges and universities and many more vocational and technical colleges, meaning a rich and varied educational experience is almost guaranteed. Photography courses are offered at most of these institutes as non-degree, bachelor or associated degrees into Masters and PhD courses depending on your level of expertise and interest.

How you go about choosing a photography school or course is dependent on two main things; your existing photographic ability and whether for you photography is a career or a hobby.

The Art Institute, a nation-wide system of schools which specifies in artistic education is one of Washington’s most prestigious. Located in Seattle, the Art Institute offers comprehensive photographic courses whose focus is on hands on instruction with state of the art equipment so that graduating student are ready at the cutting edge of their fields – this is especially important in photographic studies as technologies are constantly evolving. The Art Institute’s focus on industry and career means that it is oriented to those wishing to become professional photographers.

The two largest state universities – the University of Washington and Washington State University both offer comprehensive Visual Art programmes including photography. The advantage to university study is that in many cases you can cross-list your subject to tailor you degree or diploma to suit your specific needs – so if becoming a fashion photographer is your aim, then a semester course in fashion marketing is a great way to understand what your prospective employers will be looking for in your images.

Another advantage for photography schools in Washington is the beauty of the state itself. Boasting deserts, mountains, rainforests, sweeping national parks and having an ocean border means there is a plethora of natural subject matter for you to try your newfound skills on.

Whatever your reason for attending photography classes or obtaining a degree in the field, there will be a school that is your perfect fit in Washington that will teach you to take the perfect fashion photo, the most sort after stock image, be the most compelling photojournalist or simply capture your grandchild’s first step in focus. With such a broad range of possibilities, finding the right college or school for your needs should be simple – the hardest part will be choosing, not finding a great photography school or course in Washington.

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