Has your family always referred to you as the shutterbug? How many times have you asked for new cameras and photography software as gifts? Does studying photography in Tennessee sound like fun to you?

In the highly competitive photography world, a degree from any of the photography schools in Tennessee can give you the edge and skills needed to not only stand out from the crowd but also enjoy long-term satisfaction in your photography career. Tennessee photography schools benefit from modern studios that are filled with the latest equipment, just waiting for you to get your hands on them. The faculty is eager to share their industry experiences with students through assignments that are designed to get you ready for the real world. Students will also create a portfolio that pops with professional-quality projects that prove they know their way with a camera and photo-editing software. Beyond that, the photography schools in Tennessee can offer students opportunities to take courses in related fields, including fashion and interior design programs, which could lead students to additional career paths. Finally, students will gather a collection of professional photography contacts through internships or part-time jobs, which can aid in getting employment following graduation.

Photography schools in Tennessee teach students a good foundation for a photography career. Introductory classes teach students the proper use of equipment and different photography techniques. Basic courses will cover topics such as lighting, image design & concept, visualization, color theory, darkroom techniques, digital photography, video photography, digital retouching, and more. After students master the basic skills, Tennessee photography programs offer more advanced and specific classes on mixed media, photojournalism, documentary photography, editorial photography, fine art photography, and experimental photography. Students can also develop their skills in black and white photography, portraiture, landscape, fashion photography, and advertising photography. Additionally, schools often have courses on the business aspects of photography such as marketing or running a studio.

Students can look at tuition costs, courses offered, and location, among other factors, to decide which Tennessee photography school to attend. Students should also make sure the school and its programs are accredited, or else risk getting a degree that is not recognized professionally.

Graduates of photography colleges in Tennessee can enter a number of fields. Graduates can work for magazines, newspapers, photography studios, photography galleries, television or motion picture production companies, advertising agencies, in the music industry, and in fashion. Others may decide that self-employment is their cup of tea and undertake a career as a freelance photographer. Students can take a wide range of courses during school to discover what aspect of photography they like best and then hone the necessary skills in that area. Tennessee photography schools offer students the opportunity to pursue an Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Master of Fine Arts, as well as continuing education courses. It is up to the student to decide on what level education is desired.

Tennessee is a great place to pursue a photography career. There are many wonderful cities and suburbs to choose from, including Nashville, Memphis, and Franklin. Wherever you study in Tennessee, you will enjoy an abundance of live music, great food, sports, and history.

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