Wide Awake in Seattle

In Seattle the beauty of life emanates from every pore of the city. The sparkling water reflects the business and industrious activity by day and the radiant joy and festivities by night.

Oh to capture the sights and sounds. To walk the streets of this embracing city with a 30mm camera in tow, no flavour escaping its lens.

Attending one of Seattle photography school could be an unexplainable joy as one learns the art of capturing remarkable memories and sharing these memories with others.

Many of Seattle photography schools are run by talented and experienced fine art photographers who are happy to share their secret joy with other photography professionals, amateurs or those just interested in gaining some basic knowledge about photography.

Along the Seattle Waterfront one can’t help but notice the many tourists as they too are busy capturing the beauty of this city.

Photography has certainly come through the thoroughfare of change and will continue with us on the eternal journey of remembrance. Be it digital or conventional photography, this is an excellent past time or hobby. It is also a great source of income for many and makes an excellent second job.

Many thanks to the experienced and dedicated tutors at Seattle photography schools for sharing their skill and revealing the pleasure of a craft that’s timeless.

There are various types of photography all of which share the same light and life needed to enjoy a recorded piece. Here are a few:

? Nature Photography – Capture the natural world in all of its splendour and glory. With proper training one would be amazed at the stunning and dramatic images that can be produced.

? Underwater Photography – A whole new world awaits you underwater. Such a wide range of range of rare and interesting animals and plants – the mere sight of them fills one with awe and wonder.

? Architecture and Real Estate Photography – Learn the art of making property look attractive. A great tool to be shared with family, friends and neighbours!

? Event Photography – Make sure your shots of special events are beautiful and memorable. Christmas parties, birthday parties, weddings – these are all special events that you want to remember. Learn how to capture the memories in a way that will bring joy and pleasure to you and those you share them with.

? Fine Art Photography – An excellent avenue for creative expression

There are also various types of photographers some examples are:

? Commercial and Industrial photographers who use their images for creating brochures, catalogs, books, advertisements, etc

? Scientific photographers who take pictures for medical journals, magazines and medical records or scientific processes and procedures

? News photographers who capture images for community events such as sport or political events.

Pursue your study of photography at any one of the numerous Photography schools in Seattle. Below are some of them:

? The Art School of Seattle is a nurturing and exciting place to study. You can have a virtual tour of the facilities by logging on to their website www.artinstitutes.edu/seattle

? The Cornish College of the Arts offers programs in Design, Theatre, Music, Dance, Art and Performance Production.

? Photography Center Northwest offers Art courses of varying lengths. These courses are conducted by professional and dedicated instructors

? Seattle Central Community College boasts of its diversity in staff and students. It has a very vibrant transfer program which allows students to transfer from as many as 18 colleges and has over 30 workforce education programs and a large international education program.

? University of Washington, School of Art provides a diverse program which addresses issues concerning visual literacy and also promotes visual communication

It is expected that in the next 3 years there will be a significant increase in the number of jobs available in the Photography field.

The journey of the Seattle experience continues but not before stopping to enjoy some of the city’s sumptuous cuisine – hmmm, no lens needed here – the taste lingers on.

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