If you are planning a career in photography, you might want to consider attending one of several photography schools in Kentucky. Whether you want a two-year preparatory program, a four-year degree program, a formal workshop, or an online course, Kentucky has a lot to offer to aspiring photographers and happy snappers alike.

One type of photography degree that can be obtained at photography schools in Kentucky is an associate’s degree in photography, which is a two-year program covering the foundations of photography and the application of techniques. Kentucky students usually take this program as a preparation for a full four-year course in either photography, visual arts, or media production. A bachelor’s degree in photography is a four-year curriculum that can include in-depth lessons on the history of photography, from the daguerreotype to the digital age. There is also the master’s degree in photography, though not all photography schools in Kentucky offer this option. This typically two-year program concentrates on enhancing the student’s skills in photography techniques, from fine arts to broadcast media to the commercial setting.

There are many options when it comes to learning about photography. Some students interested in photography schools in Kentucky are only interested in certificate programs, which are short yet comprehensive photography classes designed to give students the edge in capturing photos using both the technical and conceptual approach. These workshops are for hobbyists and for those who wish to know about the basics behind the lens.

For photography enthusiasts in Kentucky who plan to make their hobby a stepping board towards a profitable career, they should look for schools with a comprehensive curriculum as well as proper accreditation. In conjunction with photography techniques, students can also learn video editing, 2D and 3D graphics, and other forms of media production. Students may take classes including documentary photography, digital photography, advertising photography, photo journalism, fashion photography, illustration photography, and fine art photography, among many others. Professional and freelance photographers can also take supplementary classes in how to start a photography business (e.g., wedding photography, studio photography, etc), and sell your photos to media agencies (e.g., commercial photography, photojournalism, etc.).

Students located in Kentucky who are interested in photography may also want to consider taking online courses from an accredited college. These colleges offer the same degrees that can be obtained at physical colleges, including in camera techniques, digital post-processing, darkroom techniques, composition, and digital imaging. These online photography classes allow students anywhere to take courses according to their own schedules, which is especially beneficial for those who are particularly busy or those who need to work part-time. It is important, however, to make sure the online photography school is properly accredited, or otherwise students may end up with a useless degree.

Great photographers possess both natural talent and learned technical skills. It is often not enough to rely on raw creativity alone to become a successful professional photographer. Photography schools in Kentucky can help students develop the technical skills that many employers require. These same technical skills can also help students advance their shooting skills beyond just simply pointing and shooting.


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