There are many photography schools offering photography courses both online and in specialty schools. With the existence of such a wide array of photography schools, choosing the right college can be an uphill task. Most students consider convenience as an important factor in doing this. The college has to be in a location that is easy to access, have facilities that fit the student’s lifestyle such as sports and be cost effective. Apart from these basic requirements, the student has to consider the school’s accreditation as a decisive factor too, based on both interior design and general education.

Photography school accreditation is crucial. In the US, Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the United States Department of Education accredits colleges. These two bodies have regional agencies to make the process more efficient and effective. Photography school accreditation certificate is ultimately beneficial since it indicates that a qualified organization has approved the manner, in which the school manages its programs and its curriculum.  This ensures that universal quality teaching standards are upheld across various photography colleges.

For top photography schools to become accredited, they first have to file an application with one of the approved accreditation organizations that have the responsibility of accrediting photography schools. Organizations that accredit superb photography courses consist of two key groups. This includes institutions accreditation organizations that accredit the whole school which offers the photography program. The second group involves organizations that accredit the photography program itself such as National Association of Art and Design (NASAD). A committee reviews the application and dispatches a team of examiners that scrutinize the school’s self assessment. This team then determines whether the school has what it takes to be accredited.

Photography school accreditation is noteworthy because employers consider degrees earned in accredited schools for job placement. Accreditation also ensures that students take advantage of employer based tuition assistance and are eligible for federal student grants. Students who attend top accredited photography schools are able to transfer their credits from one college to another. This is because school accreditation ensures that design schools provide quality standardized educational results, counseling and admissions.

Attending an accredited photography school is crucial to both future employment and certification. In most states, for an individual to be licensed as a designer, he must take a certification exam administered by the National Council of Interior Design Qualification. Top accredited interior design schools provide quality foundations to take these exams. They ensure that students cover all the necessary coursework required to sit for the exams after their graduation.

Best photography colleges have appropriate facilities to ensure that the staff, educational resources and technology are up to date. This is because accredited schools participate annually in the accreditation process thus, helping them keep at par with all industrial trends and technical aspects so as to uphold their status. Accreditation also ensures that students are fully qualified to take up careers in their respective fields. Therefore, it is crucial for a student to attend an accredited photography school because this is a stepping stone through which the student secures professional growth and future employment.


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